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    everyone who has been watching british TV recently or has ever seen VH1 in the UK will have heard of the insane amount of 100 greatest programs on. Well heres a web version for the beutiful game
    I want your top 10 players of all time, This can be based on impact (ie a player who makes a club great single handedly), skill (pele nuff said), achievements (Kahn for getting germany to WC 2002 final). There are many ways to define the worlds greatest player,
    this post will be going up accross the boards.
    I want your top 10 on a private message, when the votes are in i will post every player who has been voted for and there tally's after the 100 list has gone up.
    Heres mine

    1. Diego Maradona
    2. Pele
    3. Franz Beckenbauer
    4. Bobby Moore
    5. Marco Van Basten
    6. Johan Cruyff
    7. Alan Shearer
    8. Brad Friedel
    9. Joe Harvey (Newcastle captain in the 50's)
    10.Eric Cantona

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