2-for-1 Video: GK screws up badly, DOGSO advantage

Discussion in 'Referee' started by Scrabbleship, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Made me think of this similar one:
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    Semi-related question to this one, I am 100%+ all for protecting keepers and all, but when a keeper does the whole trap the ball, wait for an attacker to jog in from 20-30 yards while standing over the ball, then bends down but does not pick the ball up, waits for attacker to get closer, at last second picks up the ball, what do you do? Perfectly legal to do so but it invites nothing good - attacker comes in at full speed and it becomes a collision or attacker kicks keeper's hand as he reaches down last second, or attacking team sees it as a taunt especially if it happens a few times. Again I know it's legal (and not legal for the attacker to run into or kick the keeper) just asking for advice on the preventative refereeing side.
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    Camconcay --

    It's good that you smell trouble when something like you describe happens. What do you do? First, your presence is important. It's not always reasonable to be extremely close but at least have a good angle on it and be ready to move in, if needed. Use your voice, which even from a distance can be effective. Finally, if your AR is close enough he/she can assist with keeping things calm as well.

    If you don't have anything else brewing in the match it shouldn't always be a flash point since its a tactic most everyone on the pitch understands and expects.
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