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Discussion in 'Oceania' started by holyshark, Mar 26, 2007.

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    HI, first, sorry for my english, i'm a spanish fan of football in general and in kiwi football particularly, and i'm very impressed after see a videos in the web of the Youngheart Manawatu. In this videos, i could see fantastic goals and skills of the striker of Solomon Islands Totori.How good is really? he has enough level for a european transfer?

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    He has skills and pace and very light. Not as physical as some but can also be a bit rough if needs to be. He gets plenty of shots on goal with a decent service of the ball and usually captialise on this in the YH manawatu set up. Quality by individual play and backs himself.

    Maybe very good on an European transfer if he is surround by very good team support, he could very useful as a striker and setting up the other players to shoot.

    Can't see why he couldn't be fairly successful in Europe. He needs a club that would support him by encouragement and building his confidence. If the confidence is not built then it would be hard for him to self motivate. He needs others to help motivate him.

    His goal scoring ability showed this season because he has another couple of young Solomon Island players in support as well. Last season, he was OK with some Solomon players too. The difference was that an older experienced Solomon Player -Menapi Commins - Waitakere Utd - was placed in the central striker role last season in competition with him. However this older player had moved to Waitakere Utd this season and a younger euthanistic Solomon player came as a replacement but in a different role to Ben so there was a better playing blend for Ben and freedom to play his expression since the other teammates have Ben as first ball passing choice when going for goal whereas he would have half as much ball with Menapi. Menapi Commins is coming second equal behind Benjamin Totori with half as much goals on the NZFC Golden boot. Menapi's 12 to Ben's 24.


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