Bet365 Probabilities of Promotion After 2010-2011 League Championship Season

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    Using my formula for converting odds into probabilities found at my blog on BigSoccer and the fact that three clubs get promoted, here are the Bet365 probabilities of promotion:

    Middlesbrough: 37.5%
    Nottingam Forest: 27.0%
    Queens Park Rangers: 23.4%
    Burnley: 23.4%
    Reading: 21.1%
    Ipswich: 15.6%
    Leicester: 15.6%
    Cardiff: 15.6%
    Sheffielf United: 14.1%
    Leeds United: 12.8%
    Bristol City: 12.8%
    Hull City: 10.8%
    Norwich: 10.0%
    Portsmouth: 10.0%
    Swansea: 10.0%
    Derby County: 7.0%
    Preston North End: 7.0%
    Barnsley: 4.4%
    Doncaster: 4.4%
    Millwall: 4.4%
    Coventry: 4.4%
    Watford: 3.2%
    Crystal Palace: 3.2%
    Scunthorpe: 2.1%

    The mean probability of promotion is 3/24 = 12.5%.

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    Must put a few quid on Palace.

    As far as QPHAHA third favourites to go up, somebody is having a laugh, not even one of their owners wants them to go up.

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