Alert: Cassano sets off a firestorm (homsexuals in football)

Discussion in 'Italy: National Teams' started by indestructible, Jun 12, 2012.

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    this doesnt mean he's homophobic, or stupid (although he is), he never gave any reason as to why he hopes there are no gays in the squad, they could be legit reasons, like perhaps getting abuse from ignorant fans and thus disrupting the team, or perhaps that he thinks being a closet gay could be holding them back from perfoming to their max, maybe because they are carrying that fear of being found out, or....

    maybe he's scared of being bummed in the showers.

    just joking:D

    joking aside maybe there arent any gays in the squad, theres no way to disprove what that idiot cechi paone said, also whats strange is that some people say "i understand some people have different views" regarding gays, how is it that people accept this notion? if someone said i hate black people or non whites, it wouldnt be acceptable to say "i understand some people have different views" woild it?

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    Aug 15, 2011
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    Ive aboslutly no problems with what casssano said at this press conference.
    To be honest, i prefer even not to know who is gay or bi sexual in this team.

    Sry guys do u like to take a jacuzzi/whirpool after a hard game with two-four homo's like ......... who cares!

    Forza Italia and fock the rest, surtout la France soon hahaha
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    Such a personal crusade to out public figures is not to my taste either.

    But a footballer can deal with questions in a smart way or not. Pirlo managed to do so, whereas Cassano came across as a bigotted moron. As a veteran player, he should know better. But apparently he just can't help himself and constantly gets into such trouble.

    At least he apologised. And certainly an apology was in order. It's as simple as that.

    Let's hope he'll concentrate on football and not messing up in press conferences for the remainder of the tournament.
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    These guys are ego maniacs, who`ve nurtured their ego since they played their first game in front of a camera. Don`t ask them to stop, cause they will not restrain themselves from doing so. At most they`ll come off from atention during a short while, but after times passes by, they`ll fall again in their habit of giving themselves an over rated credibility, that everybody wants to hear them (they have perfect excuses to believe it, as they win lots of money for just playing, while regular or normal people must almost break their backs, only to pay the bills)

    On them being these ego maniacs, isn`t the biggest problem. The biggest problem, and really the one that has no way to being solved for, are all of those who reads anything they have to say and give it importance. Many who rant on what they say, are only waiting for his next interview, some to rant on him, and others to praise the guy.

    News reporters work on this issue in their day by day rutinary job and are always seeking for those moments, in order to satisfy the curiosity of those who care on this shit. As they exploit those moments they get the people reading the shit they wrote , and what moves the whole machinery, sells their news papers. The better they get those moments, the better they do their job, the most succesful they get, the more money they earn doing their job.

    Quite simple issue, but a very dificult issue to ever end.

    Anyway, anyone can do their part against it : don`t read the newspaper
    Hard, isn`t it ?........

  5. epugnac

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    May 29, 2012
    How is this possible? Whoever is making claims about gays in the squad is disseminating disinformation. Except for Ogbonna and Sirigu, I have confirmed by simple search engine results that every one of Italian team's players is a confirmed family man (Buffon, Pirlo, Motta, Di Natale, etc) or a young playboy (Balotelli, Abate, etc).​
    The only two players I couldn't find information about are Sirigu and Ogbonna. But this is because these two guys are fringe players and are not very popular in the media. So chances are highly likely that they're heterosexual, which means that the rumors of gays in the Italian squad are lies.​

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