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    Yes, you're welcome :thumbsup: :)
    You can choose a top 50 (and can name some honourable mentions if you like) or if you just want to choose a top 30 instead then I can add that vote on to the alternative voting system totals (a top 50 would get you a vote with both systems).

    So yeah, feel free.

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    Definately a welcome contribution Puck - I watched the start of that video and hopefully I'll get round to watching all of it as well as the Di Stefano testimonial Fraser posted fairly soon. Thanks.

    I'm sure fraser will also be pleased to see such comments from Van Hanegem and other Feyenoord players. On his behalf and for general interest too, I'll ask if you know any comments from Dutch players such as your namesake Puck van Heel maybe ;) (at least you don't have to worry about him contradicting you by calling Messi the best ever!) about even older Scottish players like Jimmy McGrory. Also any comments about English players like Tom Finney etc would be interesting to read (you did post some opinions of Matthews once before I remember).
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    Oct 4, 2011
    I'll search if I can find something. Mister Van Heel (the real one) was after his career a bit shy and did not say a lot. During his career he was as amateur a real star, guided Holland to two Olympic games, and often seen as the first people's hero; people identified with him. He received free bicycles (just like Fanny Blankers Koen but that is another story) and free beverages and so on but after his active career, which coincided with the start of World War II he evaded the spotlights. He was also a bit traumatized by the war and what it meant for the city.

    Yes, I did post something about Matthews who was quite famous over here, also among football players. Tom Finney was not as known here but dunno why. Maybe Finney was less charismatic. Maybe you know why?

    Van Hanegem indeed thinks that Messi is the best ever but often phrases like this are put out of context. His thoughts are more interesting than the final verdict but I'm now reiterating myself :laugh:

    I do know though that Coen Moulijn was impressed by Johnstone and that Jock Stein also made a flattering remark about Van Hanegem. He compared him with Jim Baxter (who is of course identified with rival Rangers); with a bit less acceleration but a bit more 'magic' in his left foot. Stein was in particular fond of how he was a destroyer and creator in one player. Though in the actual final he was not in his best shape and consequently not very dominant - at 1974WC it was a similar story with him playing very sober and in service of the attack.

    Moulijn answered about Johnstone that he was even more as him "a winger in the very traditionalistic sense" (which was true I think; Moulijn started his career as inside-left but was against his liking moved to the left-winger position in order to exploit his pace and excellent/precise crosses). He said that he was impressed.
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    Found something more.

    Cruyff was in November 1968 asked by German football magazine kicker to make his ideal World XI - shortly after the real World XI played a game against Brazil. The football magazine sought a Dutch representative for making such fictional team and asked Cruijff to make one.

    This was his ideal 'World XI' team:

    Banks; Johnstone, Pirri, Vasovic, Schnellinger; Charlton, Beckenbauer; Riva, Pelé, Eusebio, Rivera

    Yes, he had Johnstone on the right wing-back position.

    He emphasized in particular that an in shape/form Eusebio and Pelé belong in any team and cannot be ignored.

    Also found that Wolfgang Overath, who played in the real World XI, questioned whether it was really the strongest team. He mentioned Cruijff in particular. But he said that in general players from second rate countries are overlooked and mentioned Scotland as well.

    This is another interview where he says roughly the same:
    (maybe I can translate it, I'll post it in spoiler tags in that case)

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    Sep 17, 2004
    If anyone who just happened to have watched Messi playing with Barca and studied his stats would be thrilled- there is nothing wrong to say such ... just a self opinion and ... "without a context" AGREE.

    Football is wide stretched from Europe to the whole world and it;s far different than Basketball or Tennis of which STATS would make a huge claim in backing it up a player legacy. I donot say STATS do not work in Football but often we lack of "True STATS" to make it more meaningful - especially for older generations. In a sense, Messi is so lucky to have landed in an era when STATS started taking a bit more serious than before. Just a decade ago, not a single source had full stats of Zidane, Ronaldo ... so forget about Maradona/Zico or Cruijff Platini Pele ...
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    Dec 18, 2012
    my list - TOP 50
    I tried to criteria use as titles and relevance that each had pro football. The criterion ''ball played'' (who is complete, most qualities, etc.) was left a little aside.
    Even so, it is obvious that committed some wrongs. Man, it's very difficult to do lists!

    1 Pelé
    2 Maradona
    3 Zidane
    4 Cruyff
    5 Di Stefano
    6 Ronaldo
    7 Romário
    8 Puskas
    9 Beckenbauer
    10 Messi
    11 Garrincha
    12 Platini
    13 George Best
    14 Zico
    15 Bobby Charlton
    16 Eusebio
    17 Franco Baresi
    18 Gerd Muller
    19 Bobby Moore
    20 Marco Van Basten
    21 Gianlucca Buffon
    22 Ronaldinho Gaúcho
    23 Rivellino
    24 Didi
    25 Roberto Baggio
    26 Paolo Maldini
    27 Lothar Matthaus
    28 Roberto Carlos
    29 Falcao
    30 Leonidas
    31 Zizinho
    32 Peter Schmeichel
    33 Michael Laudrup
    34 Kopa
    35 Nilton Santos
    36 Rivaldo
    37 Giuseppe Meazza
    38 Mario Kempes
    39 Ruud Gullit
    40 Josef Bican
    41 Scirea
    42 Lev Yashin
    43 Just Fontaine
    44 Paolo Rossi
    45 Dennis Bergkamp
    46 Hristo Stoichkov
    47 Bebeto
    48 Henry
    49 Kubala
    50 Cristiano Ronaldo
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    Thanks Lucas Gomes,

    Update of current scores to follow shortly.
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Up-to-date standings for the top 50 voting after Lucas Gomes's vote:
    1 Pele 1240
    2 Diego Maradona 1213
    3 Johan Cruyff 1191
    4 Franz Beckenbauer 1134
    5 Alfredo Di Stéfano 1132
    6 Ferenc Puskás 1084
    7 Michel Platini 1062
    8 Garrincha 1031
    9 Ronaldo 954
    10 Eusebio 946
    11 Zico 933
    12 Zinedine Zidane 905
    13 George Best 897
    14 Gerd Muller 883
    15 Bobby Charlton 870
    16 Marco van Basten 854
    17 Lev Yashin 671
    18 Paolo Maldini 669
    19 Lothar Matthaus 653
    20 Romario 650
    21 Franco Baresi 592
    22 Roberto Baggio 551
    23 Ruud Gullit 533
    24 Bobby Moore 526
    25 Didí 504
    26 Rivelino 458
    27 Stanley Matthews 431
    28 Lionel Messi 411
    29 Giuseppe Meazza 399
    30 Ronaldinho 394
    31 Zizinho 315
    32 Jose Manuel Moreno 293
    33 Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 271
    34 Dino Zoff 265
    35 Leonidas 254
    36 Raymond Kopa 248
    37 Gianni Rivera 242
    38 Thierry Henry 213
    39 Fritz Walter 202
    40 Paolo Rossi 198
    41 Ladislao Kubala 165
    42 Matthias Sindelar 162
    43 Daniel Passarella 159
    [FONT=Arial][B][FONT=Arial][B][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial][B]44 [/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/FONT][/B][/FONT]Michael Laudrup 155
    45 Rivaldo 154
    46 Dennis Bergkamp 153
    47 Sandor Kocsis 142
    48 Mario Kempes 124
    49 Peter Schmeichel 116
    49= Johan Neeskens 112
    50= Falcao 112
    52= Juan Alberto Schiaffino 107
    52= Gabriel Batistuta 107
    54= George Weah 103
    54= Gordon Banks 103
    56 Sandro Mazzola 99
    57 Omar Sivori 98
    58 Giacinto Facchetti 95
    59 Kenny Dalglish 94
    60 Just Fontaine 92
    61 Nilton Santos 90
    63 Cristiano Ronaldo 85
    64 Jairzinho 84
    65 Teofilo Cubillas 83
    66 Gianluigi Buffon 80
    68 Socrates 78
    69= Gheorghe Hagi 76
    69= Jozsef Bozsik 76
    71= Gunnar Nordahl 74
    71= Adolfo Pedernera 74
    73 Roberto Carlos 73
    74 Uwe Seeler 72
    75= Luis Suarez Miramontes 69
    75= Hristo Stoichkov 69
    77 Duncan Edwards 68
    78= Frank Rijkaard 63
    78= Carlos Alberto 63
    80= Xavi 63
    81 Cafu 62
    82 Andres Iniesta 61
    83 Dejan Savicevic 60
    84 Matthias Sammer 54
    85= Francesco Totti 53
    85= Kaká 53
    87 Lilian Thuram 52
    88 Elías Figueroa 49
    89= Hector Scarone 43
    89= Gaetano Scirea 43
    91= Jurgen Klinsmann 42
    91= Cesar Cueto 42
    93 Valentino Mazzola 40
    94 Arsenio Erico 37
    95 Luigi Riva 36
    96= John Charles 34
    96= Djalma Santos 34
    98= Hugo Sanchez 32
    98= Kazimierz Deyna 32
    98= Gyorgy Sarosi 32
    101 Kevin Keegan 31
    102= Tostao 29
    102= Samuel Eto'o 29
    102= Dragan Dzajic 29
    105 Francisco Gento 28
    106 Ryan Giggs 26
    107= Andriy Shevchenko 25
    107= Arthur Friedenreich 25
    107= Junior 25
    107= Bruno Conti 25
    107= Enzo Francescoli 25
    112 Jose Nasazzi 24
    113= Eric Cantona 23
    113= Piet Keizer 23
    113= Oliver Kahn 23
    116 Nandor Hidegkuti 22
    117 Zbigniew Boniek 21
    118= Mario Zagallo 20
    118= Tom Finney 20
    120 Bebeto 19
    121 José Leandro Andrade 18
    122 Domingos da Guia 17
    123 Arjen Robben 16
    124 Fabio Cannavaro 14
    125= Gunnar Gren 12
    125= Claudio Gentile 12
    125= Ernst Ocwirk 12
    128= Berti Vogts 11
    128= Jay Jay Okocha 11
    130= Ian Rush 10
    130= Alessandro Del Piero 10
    132= Emilio Butragueño 9
    132= Careca 9
    134= Sepp Maier 8
    134= Leandro 8
    134= Demetrio Albertini 8
    137= Gerson 7
    137= Alessandro Nesta 7
    137= Nils Liedholm 7
    137= Preben Elkjaer 7
    137= Marcel Desailly 7
    142= Ruud van Nistelrooy 6
    142= Wolfgang Overath 6
    144= Raul 5
    144= Edgar Davids 5
    144= Ubaldo Fillol 5
    144= Roger Milla 5
    148= Wesley Sneijder 4
    148= Fernando Redondo 4
    148= Bryan Robson 4
    151= Jorginho 3
    151= Hector Chumpitaz 3
    151= Roberto Donadoni 3
    154= Telmo Zarra 2
    154= Gary Lineker 2
    154= David Trezegeut 2
    154= Rob Rensenbrink 2
    158= Robert Pires 1
    158= Deco 1
    158= Marco Tardelli 1

    Pavel Nedved
    Denis Law
    Josef Masopust
    Jimmy Greaves
    John Robertson
    Jean Tigana
    Jan Ceulemans
    Glenn Hoddle
    Pierre Littbarski
    John Barnes
    Enzo Scifo
    Claudio Caniggia
    Paul Gascoigne
    Gianfranco Zola
    Davor Suker
    Henrik Larsson
    David Beckham
    Johnny Rep
    Paul Breitner
    Ademir Marques de Menezes
    Angel Labruna
    Luis Monti
    Alberto Spencer
    Ricardo Zamora
    Paul van Himst
    Wlodzmierz Lubanski
    Abedi Pele
    Florian Albert
    Peter Shilton
    Tommy Lawton
    Ruud Krol
    Rinat Dasaev
    Neville Southall
    Dragan Stojkovic
    Fernando Hierro
    Jari Litmanen
    Silvio Piola
    Jose Emilio Santamaria
    Zoltan Czibor
    Alex James
    Roy Keane
    Obdulio Varela
    Danny Blanchflower
    Mario Coluna
    Billy Wright
    Raimundo Orsi
    Kurt Hamrin
    Oleg Blokhin
    Dixie Dean
    Gunter Netzer
    Patrick Vieira
    Brian Laudrup
    Thomas Hassler
    Gzregorz Lato
    Wim van Hanegem
    Helmut Rahn
    Jean-Pierre Papin
    Allan Simonsen
    Tomas Brolin
    Andreas Brehme
    Rui Costa
    Antonio Sastre
    Stjepan Bobek
    Ferenc Deak

    I'll also update the 'top 30' method standings tomorrow.
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    Sep 17, 2004
    I know every list is subject to debate ... if not controversial ...

    Any beef why you rated Zidane so high, at least compared to Platini Zico and Garrincha?
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    Dec 18, 2012
    Because Zidane won the World Cup 1998 scoring two goals in the final, was vice-champion of the 2006 World Cup playing very well and deciding several important matches. He won the Euro 2000. Won a UEFA Champions League being decisive in the final. Won several national championships.

    As you said in another topic, Zidane always appeared in big games, he always decided in favor of their teams.

    As the criteria that I used to do was list of titles and the importance of player in that titles, Zidane is better then Platini, Zico and Garrincha. Now, as regards the qualities field (pass, finishing, technical and other characteristics) can not say who was better. That's not the discussion of my list.
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    Very good of the Feyenoord players to compliment him. Of course, going into the 1970 European Cup final Jinky was on top form and expected to be one of the main dangers for Feyenoord but the Dutch marshalled him excellently in the final which did blunt our attacking impetus somewhat.

    I believe Jinky himself stated he was disappointed with his personal performance in that final but sometimes your opposite number just has a better day at the office.
  12. frasermc

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    Jul 28, 2006
    Celtic FC
    I still maintain that any person watching the '67 European Cup final for the first time would get an instant snapshot of what that Celtic team were all about then.

    They weren't a flash in the pan. We won 1x European Cup. Lost a final and lost out to Internazionale on penalties in a European Cup semi-final.

    This is just the 10min highlight package but the whole final is on youtube in 10 parts (I think).

    That team wasn't all about Jimmy Johnstone. Murdoch, Auld, Lennox, Gemmell, McNeill etc where all hugely important parts in it.
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    Oct 4, 2011
    There was also a friendly played a year later between both clubs (I think maybe even more) and they met him too in contests against Scotland national team.

    Feyenoord was a bit lucky that day, also with so much damage to their key players (Moulijn in particular wasn't fit). Play the game 10 times and Celtic would win 4 or 5 at least.

    Celtic had on the other hand maybe the luck on their side against Internazionale in the 1967 final with key player Suarez sidelined due to injury (also a few other things but I can't recall that at the moment - thought there was also something with Mazzola but can't exactly recall anymore) but to be fair, nobody cared. Internazionale was not very popular around that time and had a coach using psychological warfare and even beyond that (in 1967 it was already known that he sent hookers to referees and complete orchestras to the hotel of the opposition during the night :laugh:). I think everyone was generally happy that luck was with Celtic that day and in the actual game they also deserved it of course.

    I see the point that Celtic was not a one man team with one talent and 10 hard workers, that wasn't the case. For some reason Johnstone was the one who stood out though.
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    Nov 10, 2012
    Sorry, I could only pick 20 (without defensive players - impossible to make a comparison between them and offensive players):

    1 - Pele
    2 - Maradona
    3 - Cruyff
    4 - Garrincha
    5 - Di Stéfano
    6 - Ronaldo
    7 - George Best
    8 - Didi
    9 - Zidane
    10 - Puskas
    11 - Eusébio
    12 - Zico
    13 -Platini
    14 - Bobby Charlton
    15 - Zizinho
    16 - Gerd Muller
    17 - Romário
    18 - Messi
    19 - Van Basten
    20 - Rivellino
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    Dec 18, 2012

    Does this video is relevant in this discussion? maybe yes ...
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Thanks JGGott - since I counted top ten votes by Puck and the Championship Manager team on the alternative (top 30) system then I'll also count this as a vote with points from 20 to 1. If you felt you could add another 10 players then I would count it as a normal top 30 vote with points from 30 to 1. I will show the current standings soon for that voting system, including points from 20 to 1 for these players as your vote for now.

    I understand that if you don't feel you can include defensive players among the attacking players then it makes it impossible for you to select a top 50 (most top 50's would certainly include some defensive players).
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Also I noticed after checking that the top 50 (original voting) standings I showed yesterday had a few mistakes:

    Luis Figo and Josef Bican aren't showing although you can see where the numbers skip hence where they should be - either my error or something is happening with the copying and pasting, but I'll re-type the whole list in standard text I think and hopefully that will correct things.

    There are a couple of incorrect numbers shown (positions not points totals) for Neeskens and Xavi so I will also correct those, even though it's clear where they stand anyway really.
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC

    Here are the new updated standings for the 'top 30 players ever' voting then:

    1 Pele 866

    2 Diego Maradona 834

    3 Johan Cruyff 807

    4 Alfredo Di Stefano 738

    5 Franz Beckenbauer 709

    6 Ferenc Puskas 677

    7 Michel Platini 623

    8 Garrincha 618

    9 Ronaldo 543

    10 Eusebio 526

    11 Zico 516

    12 Zinedine Zidane 515

    13 George Best 503

    14 Gerd Muller 442

    15 Marco van Basten 394

    16 Bobby Charlton 388

    17 Lev Yashin 320

    18 Romario 292

    19 Paolo Maldini 230

    20 Lothar Matthaus 205

    21 Franco Baresi 184

    22 Roberto Baggio 181

    23 Didi 167

    24 Lionel Messi 161

    25 Ronaldinho 145

    26 Bobby Moore 127

    27 Stanley Matthews 126

    28 Jose Manuel Moreno 103

    29 Ruud Gullit 89

    30 Giussepe Meazza 83

    31 Zizinho 77

    32 Roberto Rivelino 76

    33 Michael Laudrup 70

    34 Dino Zoff 63

    35 Leonidas 56

    36 Thierry Henry 47

    37 Paolo Rossi 45

    38 Dennis Bergkamp 43

    39 George Weah 33

    40 Rivaldo 32

    41 Gianni Rivera 31

    42 Duncan Edwards 29

    43 Matthias Sindelar 28

    44 Kenny Dalglish 24

    45= Luis Figo 22

    45= Roberto Carlos 22

    47= Nilton Santos 21

    47= Andres Iniesta 21

    47= Josef Bican 21

    47= Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 21

    51= Raymond Kopa 20

    51= Cristiano Ronaldo 20

    51= Dejan Savicevic 20

    54= Ladislao Kubala 19

    54= Gabriel Batistuta 19

    54= Fritz Walter 19

    57 Gianluigi Buffon 17

    58= Hector Scarone 16

    58= Juan Schiaffino 16

    60= Tom Finney 14

    60= Daniel Passarella 14

    60= Matthias Sammer 14

    63= Arsenio Erico 13

    63= Falcao 13

    65= Frank Rijkaard 12

    65= Xavi 12

    65= Kazimierz Deyna 12

    65= Hristo Stoichkov 12

    69= Peter Schmeichel 11

    69= Jozsef Bozsik 11

    71= Eric Cantona 9

    71= Jairzinho 9

    71= Samuel Eto'o 9

    74= Kevin Keegan 8

    74= Gyorgy Sarosi 8

    74= Sandor Kocsis 8

    74= Cafu 8

    78= Andriy Shevchenko 7

    78= Elias Figueroa 7

    78= Cesar Cueto 7

    78= Just Fontaine 7

    82= John Charles 6

    82= Teofilo Cubillas 6

    82= Gunnar Nordahl 6

    82= Gheorghe Hagi 6

    82= Kaka 6

    87= Junior 5

    87= Bruno Conti 5

    89= Denis Law 4

    89= Adolfo Pedernera 4

    89= Djalma Santos 4

    89= Lilian Thuram 4

    89= Jose Nasazzi 4

    94= Jimmy Johnstone 3

    94= Valentino Mazzola 3

    94= Arthur Friedenreich 3

    94= Sandro Mazzola 3

    98= Oleg Blokhin 2

    98= Mario Kempes 2

    98= Luigi Riva 2

    98= Giacinto Facchetti 2

    98= Nandor Hidegkuti 2

    98= Socrates 2

    104= Carlos Alberto 1

    104= Francesco Totti 1

    HM's (counting as those between 31-50 on full votes):

    Jurgen Klinsmann

    Johan Neeskens


    Dragan Dzajic

    Robert Pires

    Fernando Redondo

    Hugo Sanchez

    Omar Sivori

    Luis Suarez Miramontes


    Enzo Francescoli

    Gordon Banks

    Uwe Seeler

    Francisco Gento

    Sepp Maier

    Oliver Kahn

    Fabio Cannavaro

    Gary Lineker

    Ryan Giggs

    Piet Keizer

    Edgar Davids

    Mario Zagallo

    Domingos Da Guia




    Ubaldo Fillol


    Gaetano Scirea

    Hector Chumpitaz

    Alessandro Nesta


    Berti Vogts

    Arjen Robben

    Claudio Gentile

    Demetrio Albertini

    Wesley Sneijder

    Roberto Donadoni

    Marco Tardelli

    Ian Rush

    Laurent Blanc

    Ruud van Nistelrooy

    David Trezeguet

    Jose Leandro Andrade

    Ernst Ocwirk

    Nils Liedholm

    Preben Elkjaer

    Gunnar Gren

    Telmo Zarra


    Wolfgang Overath

    Rob Rensenbrink

    Zbigniew Boniek

    Jay Jay Okocha

    Roger Milla

    Alessandro Del Piero

    Marcel Desailly

    Bryan Robson
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    Nov 10, 2012
    You're welcome, mate. The problem is that the further down you go on the list the more complicated and subjective it gets and a bigger amount of players become an eligible option. But I'll try to think of more players that I can add. It would be much easier for me if we could separate it per position. I find it very hard to compare and evaluate players from different positions in a more objective and fair way.
  20. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    I still find it incredible how Baresi is seen as a top 20 player of all-time (just as Maldini) while the likes of Rijkaard, Laudrup, Falcao, Gullit or even Rivera (the real Milan icon but unfortunately Berlusconi did a good job in eradicating him from history) do not come even close.

    Maybe a contentious statement of me but Rijkaard could basically do everything what Baresi did plus a bit more. Baresi his real added value was that he was more focused and dedicated though.

    My own problem is that I want to push 100 names into 30 places which is impossible but Baresi top 20 all time while Laurent Blanc (far more successful internationally) only makes the honourable mentions list????? o_O

    Similarly, again contentious statement, Ronald Koeman is often forgotten when the top defenders are discussed. He *literally* provided tons of assists and goals as defender.
  21. PDG1978

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    You're welcome of course to have 50 honourable mentions Puck if you wanted to (although it doesn't resolve the issue of choosing which ones to give the actual points to). Even another 30 HM's on top of that would be ok, to match the amounts of myself and Peru FC.

    This would be assuming you did a top 50 vote, but if you want to choose 31-50 without specifying positions then I'd be fine with you having a vote on both systems (and I'd re-adjust for your 'new' top 30 vote to replace the top 10 you did even though that might still be your chosen top 10 perhaps - Di Stefano would get 30 points rather than 10 for example and of course 50 points for the original method voting) - I'd split points between the 31-50 choices equally if you did prefer to do this and then have your 50 or 80 HM's too if you liked.
  22. JGGott

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    Nov 10, 2012
    See why I find it impossible to make an accurate list with so many players with different functions and positions. ;)
  23. PuckVanHeel

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    Oct 4, 2011
    OK, I did not make it too unorthodox and include many who are named in the other lists.

    1) Di Stefano
    2) Pelé
    3) Cruijff
    4) Platini
    5) Maradona
    6) Eusebio
    7) Müller
    8) Puskas
    9) Zidane
    10) Laudrup
    11) Sindelar
    12) Charlton
    13) Nordahl
    14) Van Basten
    15) Zico
    16) Netzer
    17) Ronaldo fenomeno
    18) Beckenbauer
    19) Figo
    20) Florian Albert
    21) Deyna
    22) Nedved
    23) Rivera
    24) Garrincha
    25) Ceulemans
    26) Kenny Dalglish
    27) Ronaldinho
    28) Jari Litmanen
    29) Rijkaard
    30) Boniek

    But maybe tomorrow I'll make a complete different list. I see that I included Rijkaard and not Matthaus for who I argued in the '1980s all star team' thread that he should be rated higher in history :ROFLMAO: I will think about my honourable mentions list because I feel I have to be careful with that one, think about who I want to include and who not.
  24. PDG1978

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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Thanks Puck - intriguing to see your list after you clearly put a lot of time into thinking about it. Overall, not massively surprising I think given that I've seen a lot of your posting of course now but certainly I couldn't have guessed all 30 correctly! I'll wait for your honourable mentions then (and like I say you can list equal HM's between 31 and 50 if you like and that can count as a top 50 vote too) and give you chance to see if you really would pick a different list tomorrow although I interpreted that to mean that it is just a very close call.

    I'll check obviously so I can adjust the points, but I'm guessing it's just Zico out of your top 10 you listed before and Laudrup (that's Michael I guess although I know you have commented positively about Brian too) in. Interesting that you actually have Laudrup higher than me now then and vice versa I have Van Basten, who I know is a favourite of yours not just a fellow Dutchman, higher than you do.:)

    Noticed you generally favoured the attacking and creative players as the very best ever, but with Rijkaard in there too who as you pointed out was great as a defensive player and also making great contributions offensively when playing in midfield.

    So, I'll wait for you to add HM's etc but I'll be ready to adjust the points after your vote. It might take me a while to do the original method voting standings anyway as I'm going to type them out again as mentioned in a post above to prevent any errors and tidy up the presentation.
  25. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Actually I can and will do the top 30 standings now, and then if you make any slight adjustments at all Puck I can easily account for them. I'll do that within the next few minutes.
    EDIT And I can add on any new honourable mentions for that vote too (the ones between 31 and 50 that are not in others' top 50's, if there are any of those players).

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