Alert: Declare your "Cuore Viola"

Discussion in 'Fiorentina' started by HuntKop, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Just a few notes about BigSoccer features that pertain to the discerning Fiorentina fan.

    First off, don't hesitate to let others know that you're a Fiorentina supporter - go under "Edit your details" on your control panel and you can select a favorite club (Fiorentina).

    You can go to the Team page and declare yourself a fan....the link is HERE.

    Also on the team page you can edit the Wiki, links, RSS feed, etc.

    Feel free to take control of the club page - it's there for us as fans to use to promote our favorite club!

    If anyone (it can be more than one) would like to be a featured blogger on the Fiorentina page, just click the helpdesk link (scroll down to the footer) and select "I want to blog".

    Thanks, amici.

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