Dwindling number of Portuguese players

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    A quinta jornada passou a constituir um novo mínimo no número de jogadores elegíveis para a selecção que estiveram em campo nos jogos da Liga: apenas 90 de um total de 224, correspondentes a 40,2 por cento do total.

    O Rio Ave continua a ser a equipa com mais portugueses (16 num total de 18) com o Marítimo a surgir no pólo oposto (1 em 20). Desde o início da prova, foram utilizados 315 jogadores, dos quais apenas 128 são seleccionáveis.

    Eis o registo da 5ª jornada:

    Olhanense (5)-Portimonense (6)
    Beira Mar (7)-Marítimo (1)
    V. Guimarães (5)-U. Leiria (6)
    Rio Ave (12)-Académica (7)
    Naval (5)-V. Setúbal (6)
    P. Ferreira (7)-Sp. Braga (2)
    Benfica (4)-Sporting (10)
    Nacional (3)-F.C. Porto (4)

    Utilização (portugueses/total):
    Rio Ave 16/18
    P. Ferreira 12/22
    Sporting 11/17
    Portimonense 10/22
    Académica 10/19
    Beira Mar 10/18
    V. Guimarães 9/21
    U. Leiria 7/22
    Nacional 7/22
    Naval 7/20
    V. Setúbal 7/19
    Olhanense 7/18
    Benfica 5/20
    F.C. Porto 5/17
    Sp. Braga 4/20
    Marítimo 1/20

    128/315 (40,6%)

    as we can see here, there is a dwindling number of Portuguese players in the top flight Liga Sagres. only 90. or 40.6% of all players. like this our already small talent pool and worsening quality NT will only get worse.

    More Proof that Braga if Braga is not a grande, its definitely not Enorme. more proof that Benfica and Porto should relocate to Buenos Aires. more proof that there is only 1 Grande and it is SPORTING CP PRIDE OF LISBOA - PRIDE OF PORTUGAL.

    However no surprise with Rio Ave. they have a good youth system and have been the most Portugiese team recently. Congrats to Rio Ave.

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    We sold Joao Perreira to you because his buyout was cheap and he wouldn't resign muppet.

    Eduardo had a good WC so out he went. Frechaut was bought by Metz because he was having a good couple of seasons. Cristiano, Nuno Valente, Diogo Valente and Felipe Oliveira were all loaned out because they weren't going to see much playing time and might as well capitalize on unused talent because this happens with Braga for one reason....We are not a rich club and need to make money. So save your high horse talk for teams that can afford Portuguese players.
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    It would be interesting to see the same stats for the 70, 80s and 90s to see the trend.

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