Eee PC to HDTV?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Daniel from Montréal, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Ok, so... if anyone has some ideas, I'd love to hear them:

    I have an Eee PC 1005HA ( Up until recently, I had a smallish TV (22", 720p) with a VGA in-out that allowed me to use it as a second monitor - mainly to stream or play stuff I had downloaded on my laptop.

    I got all excited and got a bigger TV on Craig's List (32", 1080p - [ame=""] Sharp Aquos LC32D62U 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV: Electronics[/ame]). However, it does NOT have a VGA plug, but rather component, composite and HDMI.

    I tried using a VGA-to-composite cable, but apparently my laptop doesn't support this display.

    Short of buying a $100 adapter, does anyone have an idea how/if I can connect my computer to the HDTV?


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    Not cheap, but not $100 either, but this seems to be what you need:

    Highly recommend monoprice stuff for all your cabling needs. Cheap, fast shipping and as good of quality as you'll need for most applications. I can not say that I have tried this particular product but have used their speaker wire, hdmi cables, network switches, multiple adaptors, faceplates, etc. and have always been happy.
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