End of The Year Conference Awards

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    Thanks for cranking this thread up. I've pasted the America East teams below.

    Position Name Cl. School Hometown/High School/Previous
    Forward Jake Keegan Sr. Binghamton Stormville, N.Y./John Jay
    Forward Javoni Simms Fr. Hartford Kingston, Jamaica/Charlie Smith
    Forward Pete Caringi III* Jr. UMBC Baltimore, Md./Calvert Hall
    Midfielder Michael Bustamante Sr. Boston University Chelsea, Mass./Chelsea
    Midfielder Milo Kapor* Sr. UMBC Toronto, Ontario/Emily Carr
    Midfielder Leonardo Fernandes* Sr. Stony Brook North Babylon, N.Y./North Babylon
    Midfielder Joe Losier Sr. Vermont Glastonbury, Conn./Glastonbury
    Back Liam Paddock Sr. UMBC Worcestershire, England/Chase Technology College
    Back Jordan Thomas Sr. New Hampshire Mohnton, Pa./Governor Mifflin
    Back Sean Sweeney Sr. Vermont Cromwell, Conn./Worcester Academy
    Goalkeeper Conor Leland Jr. Vermont Richmond, Vt./Mount Mansfield Union

    Second Team
    Anthony Santaga Jr. Hartford Green Bay, Wisc./Green Bay Notre Dame Academy/Green Bay
    Forward Raphael Abreu Sr. Stony Brook New York, N.Y./Eleanor Roosevelt
    Forward Berian Gobeil Cruz Sr. Stony Brook Montreal, Quebec/Laurier McDonald/Champlain College
    Forward Anthony Ciccione Jr. Boston University Medford, N.J./Sparta
    Midfielder James Stamopolous Sr. Hartford Mississauga, Ontario/Port Credit Secondary
    Midfielder Kadeem Dacres Jr. UMBC Rosedale, N.Y./Mercer County (N.J.) CC
    Midfielder Kyle Schlesinger Sr. Stony Brook Selden, N.Y./Newfield
    Midfielder Oumar Ballo So. UMBC Baltimore, Md./Archbishop Curley/CCBC-Essex
    Back Marius Krathe Jr. Stony Brook Saltnes, Norway/South Florida
    Back Scott Kisling Jr. Vermont Colorado Springs, Colo./Liberty
    Back Phil Saunders Jr. UMBC Perry Hall, Md./Perry Hall

    All-Rookie Team (Regardless of position)
    Tim Allen
    Philip Persson
    Anthony Rozzano*
    Stefano Frantellizzi
    Carlos Ruiz
    Javoni Simms*
    Viltsu Tuumi
    Patrick Pato
    Lukas Goerigk
    Alejandro Fritz
    Martin Giordano*
    Charlie DeFeo*
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    Of note, the best pro prospects from the AE are Bustamante and Fernandes, IMHO. They seem to be have fared the best when they have stepped up in competition.

    Caringi beat out Thomas for Fan's Choice Player of the Year by approx. 11 votes.

    Caringi will probably be the one heard about most next year of the returning players. Some publications will push him as a pro prospect, but I don't see him faring any better than Andrew Bulls when he'll have to step up consistently against higher competition. Again, IMHO.
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    Feb 13, 2001
    I've heard really good things about Bustamente, though that was before his injury that caused him to miss the 2011 season.

    Pre-injury, the skill was there though there were questions about the athleticism. Hopefully he gets a chance to answer them.

    I've never seen Fernandes play, nor talked to anyone who has, but he has certainly put up nice numbers and he has good size for a MF.

    One smart thing he did to prepare for a pro career was change his hometown listing from being in Brazil, where he was born, to Long Island, where he went to HS. Always helps to show MLS you don't take up an international slot. Yes, something like that SHOULD come up in due diligence, but it doesn't always and if a team is deciding between two college players and one of them is foreign, or seems to be, and one isn't, odds are they're going domestic.

    Jake Keegan had some strong showings in the PDL - I think he was all league - and that might help him get some attention from MLS, too.
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    Feb 13, 2001
    There are occasionally some gems in the America East conference. For example...

    Last night I watched former UMBC player Matt Watson have a very strong game for the Whitecaps in the playoffs against some pretty high-priced players. (He absolutely SCHOOLED LA's Hector Jimenez, a Cal product, to set up the Caps' goal.)

    And BU's Andy Dorman has had a very nice pro career in MLS, Scotland and now England and played for the Welsh national team a few times.
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    Jan 21, 2005
    The Big South honorees form a 4-4-3 formation, plus an "at large" player. :thumbsdown:

    First Team All-Conference
    F – Ashton Bennett, Coastal Carolina
    F – Ricky Garbanzo, Coastal Carolina
    F – Mamadee Nypon, High Point
    MF – Pedro Ribero, Coastal Carolina
    MF – Mitchell Cardenas, Campbell
    MF – Shawn Sloan, High Point
    MF – Justin Portillo, Coastal Carolina
    D – Fejiro Okiomah, High Point
    D - Kjartan Sigurdsson, Coastal Carolina
    D – Greg White, Liberty
    D – Travis Golden, Campbell
    GK – Ryan Taylor, Radford
    At Large – Bernardo Ulmo, Radford, MF

    Second Team All-Conference
    F – Jhuvon Francis, Campbell
    F – Kyle Breitmeyer, Liberty
    F – Alex Isern, Winthrop
    MF – Dario Redondo, Radford
    MF – Adam Sewell, High Point
    MF – Shane Malcolm, High Point
    MF – Richard Nyarko, Liberty
    D – Uriah Bentick, Liberty
    D – Henrik Robstad, Coastal Carolina
    D – Jon Ole Reinhardsen, Gardner-Webb
    D – Uchenna Uzo, Coastal Carolina
    GK – Ethan Hall, Campbell
    At Large – Federico Bertele, Coastal Carolina, GK

    All-Freshman Team
    Jhamie Hyde, Coastal Carolina - D
    Jamie Summers, Radford - D
    Kody Palmer, High Point - GK
    Isaiah Page, Campbell - MF
    Tim Harbison, Liberty - D
    Austin Yearwood, High Point - D
    Magnus Thorsson, Winthrop - MF
    Jannik Eckenrode, Radford – MF/F
    Tevin Skyers, Coastal Carolina - F
    Lyssean Thomas, Gardner-Webb - MF
    Matt Manter, Presbyterian College - F

    Attacking Player of the Year
    Ashton Bennett, Coastal Carolina

    Freshman of the Year
    Kody Palmer, High Point

    Defensive Player of the Year
    Kjartan Sigurdsson, Coatsal Carolina

    Coach of the Year
    Shaun Docking, Coastal Carolina
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    May 2, 2009
    2012 Big West Conference Awards


    Midfielder of Year - Nic Ryan, UCSB
    Offensive Player of Year - Mackenzie Pridham, Cal Poly
    Goalkeeper of Year - Michael Abalos, CS Northridge
    Defender of Year - Joe Franco, CS Northridge
    Freshman of Year - Ema Boateng, UCSB
    Coach of Year - Terry Davila, CS Northridge

    Someone else can do the cut and paste as I can't on my ipad.
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    Jan 21, 2005

    Thanks CC. Pasting from the link above. Not often that you see a team finish first and not put a single player on the first team, but that's what happened to UC Davis.

    Player School Year Position Hometown
    Ema Boateng UC Santa Barbara Freshman Forward Kumasi, Ghana
    Jesse Escalante Cal State Fullerton Senior Forward Placentia, Calif.
    Mackenzie Pridham Cal Poly Junior Forward Toronto, Ontario
    Edwin Rivas Cal State Northridge Sophomore Forward Los Angeles, Calif.
    Fifi Baiden UC Santa Barbara Junior Midfielder Ajumako, Ghana
    Aaron Long UC Riverside Junior Midfielder Oak Hills, Calif.
    Ian Ramos Cal State Fullerton Sophomore Midfielder Highland, Utah
    Nic Ryan UC Santa Barbara Senior Midfielder San Jose, Calif.
    Jose Diaz UC Riverside Senior Defender Corona, Calif.
    Joe Franco Cal State Northridge Senior Defender Monrovia, Calif.
    Matt Linenberger Sacramento State Senior Defender Sacramento, Calif.
    Nolan Moore Cal Poly Sophomore Defender New Westminster, B.C.
    Michael Abalos Cal State Northridge Senior Goalkeeper San Juan Capistrano, Calif.
    Player School Year Position Hometown
    Sagi Lev-Ari Cal State Northridge Sophomore Forward Haifa, Israel
    Isaac Ikyurav Sacramento State Junior Forward Benue, Nigeria
    George Malki Cal Poly Junior Forward Scottsdale, Ariz.
    Beto Velasquez Cal State Northridge Junior Forward Panorama City, Calif.
    Rene Anguiano Cal State Northridge Senior Midfielder Los Angeles, Calif.
    Benny Estes Cal Poly Senior Midfielder Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
    Kevin Schulte UC Davis Junior Midfielder Riverside, Calif.
    Casey Bernard Sacramento State Senior Defender Roseville, Calif.
    Armando Gutierrez Cal State Northridge Senior Defender North Hollywood, Calif.
    Daniel Welsh UC Santa Barbara Junior Defender Fife, Scotland
    Omar Zeenni UC Davis Junior Goalkeeper Arcadia, Calif.
    Player School Year Position Hometown
    Gerzon Blanco Cal State Fullerton Senior Forward Placentia, Calif.
    Chris Gaschen Cal Poly Senior Forward Granite Bay, Calif.
    Jimmy Martinez UC Riverside Senior Forward Perris, Calif.
    Carlos Benavides Cal State Northridge Junior Midfielder Woodland Hills, Calif.
    Josue Madueno UC Santa Barbara Senior Midfielder Watsonville, Calif.
    Gabe Silveira Sacramento State Junior Midfielder Corte Madera, Calif.
    Marco Franco UC Irvine Junior Defender Chino Hills, Calif.
    Alex Henry UC Davis Junior Defender Poway, Calif.
    Everett Pitts UC Irvine Senior Defender Chino Hills, Calif.
    Wade Hamilton Cal Poly Freshman Goalkeeper Murrieta, Calif.
    2012 Big West Midfielder Of The Year
    Nic Ryan, UC Santa Barbara
    2012 Big West Offensive Player Of The Year
    Mackenzie Pridham, Cal Poly
    2012 Big West Goalkeeper Of The Year
    Michael Abalos, Cal State Northridge
    2012 Big West Defender Of The Year
    Joe Franco, Cal State Northridge
    2012 Big West Coach Of The Year
    Terry Davila, Cal State Northridge
    2012 Big West Freshman Of The Year
    Ema Boateng, UC Santa Barbara
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    Feb 13, 2001
    It bugs me me when the conference doesn't include the players year and where they're from.
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    Feb 12, 2006
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    C-USA decides to go the boring route and name only 11 players for their team awards. Sherrod repeat Offensive Player of the Year.

    Coach of the Year: Tim McClements, SMU
    Players of the Year: Jaime Ibarra, SMU/Daniel Withrow, Marshall
    Offensive Player of the Year: Mark Sherrod, Memphis
    Defensive Player of the Year: Jaime Ibarra, SMU
    Freshman of the Year: Cristian Mata, Tulsa

    All-Conference USA First Team
    GK Daniel Withrow, Marshall
    GK Jaime Ibarra, SMU
    F Mark Sherrod, Memphis
    F Cristian Mata, Tulsa
    F Deshorn Brown, UCF
    M Matt Lodge, Kentucky
    M Liam Collins, Memphis
    M Omar Mata, Tulsa
    D Steven Perinovic, Kentucky
    D Mladen Lemez, UAB
    D Andrew Quintana, UCF

    All-Conference USA Second Team
    GK Jack Van Arsdale, Kentucky
    F Quentin Albrecht, FIU
    F Tom Jackson, Marshall
    F Tyler Engel, SMU
    F Bradlee Baladez, South Carolina
    F Kofi Gyawu, UAB
    M Cameron Wilder, Kentucky
    M T.J. Nelson, SMU
    M Braeden Troyer, South Carolina
    D Damien Rosales, SMU
    D Aaron Simmons, SMU
    D Darion Copeland, UAB
    D Reed Matte, UAB
    D Ben Hunt, UCF

    All-Conference USA Third Team
    GK Mark Pais, Tulsa
    F Tyler Riggs, Kentucky
    M Daniel Gonzalez, FIU
    M Devin Perkins, Marshall
    M Andrew Morales, SMU
    M Chase Wickham, UAB
    M Fatai Alabi, UAB
    M Omar Vallejo, UCF
    D Joseph Dawkins, FIU
    D Anthony Hobbs, FIU
    D Dylan Asher, Kentucky
    D Jordan Johnson, Memphis
    D Mike Mangotic, South Carolina
    D Tony Rocha, Tulsa

    C-USA All-Freshman Team
    GK Robin Spiegel, FIU
    F Cristian Mata, Tulsa
    F Bryce Follensbee, Tulsa
    F Karl Chester, UAB
    F Ian Svantesson, UAB
    M Daniel Gonzalez, FIU
    M Quincy Thomas, Memphis
    M John Lujano, SMU
    D Jacob Speed, Kentucky
    D Jack Hopkins, Marshall
    D Michael King, SMU
    D Bradley Bourgeois, Tulsa
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    Jan 31, 2009
    Manchester United FC
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    Patriot League weighs in and...what the hell, they only have 11 on their teams also. Doesn't look like everyone got the 13 a side memo.

    2012 Men’s Soccer All-Patriot League Team
    First Team
    Dale McDonald, American, Jr., F
    Josh Cintas, Holy Cross, Jr., F
    Colin Seigfreid, American, Jr., M
    Mike Reidy, Colgate, Sr., M
    Monty Sanders, Holy Cross, Jr., M
    Alec Golini, Lafayette, Jr., M
    Cristobal Soto, American, Jr., D
    Evan Heroux, Colgate, So., D
    Brandon Turner, Lafayette, Jr., D
    Ali Famili, Lehigh, So., D
    Billy Knutsen, American, Jr., GK
    Second Team
    Alassane Kane, American, Sr., F
    Brendan Burgdorf, Bucknell, Sr., F
    Ryan Morales, American, Sr., M
    Chris Thorsheim, Bucknell, Fr., M
    Mike Garzi, Colgate, Sr., M
    Sean Peckham, Lafayette, Sr., M
    Collin Costello, Bucknell, Sr., D
    Wade Martin, Colgate, Sr., D
    Nick Dubee, Navy, Jr., D
    Derek Vogel, Navy, Fr., D
    Liam Stapleton, Colgate, So., GK
    Offensive Player of the Year – Mike Reidy, Colgate, Sr.
    Defensive Player of the Year – Cristobal Soto, American, Jr.
    Goalkeeper of the Year – Billy Knutsen, American, Jr.
    Rookie of the Year – Derek Vogel, Navy, Fr.
    Coach of the Year – Todd West, American
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    Anyone know when the Big East normally names their conference awards? Seems strange to be going into the quarters of your conference playoffs and not have this out there. Or, are they still waiting for Ray Reid to submit his ballot (along with his recruiting class)? I kid because I care...
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    Apr 11, 2005
    I am sure they have a banquet at their Final Four in New Jersey and the teams will be released then.
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    Jan 31, 2009
    Manchester United FC
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  16. 24Seven

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Manchester United FC
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    Jan 21, 2005
    No surprise about the SoCon Player of the Year

    2012 Men's Soccer All-Conference Team

    Player of the Year - Chris Thomas, Sr., F, Elon
    Coach of the Year - Darren Powell, Elon
    Freshman of the Year - Nestor Jaramillo, MF, Wofford

    First Team
    F Chris Thomas, Elon
    F Coleton Henning, Furman
    F Hakan Ilhan, UNCG
    MF Sean de Silva, College of Charleston
    MF Michael Gandier, Furman
    MF Martin Ontiveros, Furman
    MF Alex Hutchins, Wofford
    D Lee Williams, Appalachian State
    D Nicky MacKain, Furman
    D Walker Zimmerman, Furman
    GK Danny Free, Appalachian State

    Second Team
    F Luke Hugget, College of Charleston
    F Gabe Latigue, Elon
    F Carlos Dominguez Gonzalez, Wofford
    MF Ralphie Lundy, College of Charleston
    MF Matt Wescoe, Elon
    MF Hunter Norton, Georgia Southern
    D Daan Brinkman, College of Charleston
    D Drew Ruggles, Georgia Southern
    D Forrest Lasso, Wofford
    GK Kees Heemskerk, College of Charleston
    GK Peyton Ford, UNCG

    All-Freshman Team
    Samuel McBride, Elon
    Miguel Salazar, Elon
    Tyler Peoples, Furman
    Tony Santibanez, Furman
    Eric Steber, Furman
    Rocco Bagley, Georgia Southern
    Eric Dinka, Georgia Southern
    Reed Norton, Georgia Southern
    Lukas Zarges, UNCG
    Connor Davis, Wofford
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    Jan 21, 2005
    Atlantic Sun Men’s Soccer Postseason Awards & Honors
    Player of the Year: David Geno, ETSU
    Defensive Player of the Year: Josh Shutter, Mercer
    Goalkeeper of the Year: Ryan Coulter, ETSU
    Freshman of the Year: Felipe DeSousa, FGCU
    Coach of the Year: Brad Ruzzo, Mercer

    A-Sun All-Conference First Team
    GK – Ryan Coulter, ETSU (Jr.)
    D – Maximilian Muemken, ETSU (Jr.)
    D – Ashani Samuels, Mercer (So.)
    D – Josh Shutter, Mercer (Sr.)
    MF – Itode Fubara, ETSU (Jr.)
    MF – Alesi Osorio, ETSU (Sr.)
    MF – Jonathan Mendoza, Stetson (Sr.)
    F – David Geno, ETSU (Jr.)
    F – Felipe DeSousa, FGCU (Fr.)
    F – Matheus Saroli, Jacksonville (So.)
    F – Ehjayson Henry, Mercer (Jr.)

    All-Conference Second Team
    GK – Greg Ranjitsingh, Mercer (So.)
    D – Blaike Woodruff, ETSU (So.)
    D – Federico Crespo, FGCU (So.)
    D – Omar Djabi, Lipscomb (So.)
    D – John Kadane, USC Upstate (Sr.)
    D – Luis Ocejo, Stetson (Sr.)
    MF – Henry Penagos, FGCU (So.)
    MF – Carl-Oscar Anderson, Mercer (So.)
    MF – Ryan King, Mercer (Jr.)
    F – Richie Edmondson, Mercer (Sr.)
    F – Dave Musambi, USC Upstate (So.)
    F – Kai Eckenrode, Stetson (Sr.)

    ** - A tie in voting resulted in a 12-person All-Conference second team

    A-Sun All-Freshmen Team
    D – Kristoffer Ibsen, ETSU
    MF – Dalton Guzman, ETSU
    F – Felipe DeSousa, FGCU
    D – Aaron Guillen, FGCU
    MF – Rodrigo Saravia, FGCU
    D – Daniel Stanese, FGCU
    F – Rene Reyes, Jacksonville
    F – Reece Holcombe, Lipscomb*
    MF – Camilo Garcia, North Florida
    MF – Alex Morrell, North Florida
    GK – A.J. Fleak, Northern Kentucky

    *-Unanimous Choice
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    A10 Awards

    Couldn't get it to post right but here's the link


    SLU well represented with:

    Mike McGinty - A10 Coach of the Year
    Robbie Kristo - 1st Team
    Jon Roeckle, Alex Sweetin, Anthony Manning - 2nd Team
    David Graydon - All Rookie
    Adnan Gabeljic - All Academic
  20. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Here ya go.

    Robbie Kristo, Saint Louis - F
    Jason Johnson, VCU - F
    Luke Spencer, Xavier - F
    Tyler Gibson, Charlotte - MF
    Donnie Smith, Charlotte - MF
    Romena Bowie, VCU - MF

    Matt Walker, Xavier - MF
    Thomas Allen, Charlotte - D
    Adam Clement, Duquesne - D
    Nick Hagglund, Xavier - D
    Klay Davis, Charlotte - GK

    Giuseppe Gentile, Charlotte - F
    Joshua Patterson, Duquesne - F
    Emmett O’Connor, St. Bonaventure - F
    Zach Steinberger, Butler - MF
    Alex Sweetin, Saint Louis - MF
    Cody Califiore, Temple - MF
    Will Walker, Xavier - MF
    Anthony Manning, Saint Louis - D
    Jon Roeckle, Saint Louis - D
    Dennis Castillo, VCU - D
    John McCarthy, La Salle - GK

    Jeff Adkins, Butler
    Biko Bradnock-Brennan, Charlotte
    Maik Schoonderwoerd, Dayton
    Chris Froschauer, Dayton
    Kyle Bitterman, Fordham
    Joe Farrell, La Salle
    Tim Lazorko, Saint Joseph’s
    David Graydon, Saint Louis
    Jared Martinelli, Temple
    Dennis Castillo, VCU
    Devon Fisher, VCU

    Brandon Fricke, Butler
    Tyler Gibson, Charlotte
    Jonathan Nelson, Dayton
    Joshua Patterson, Duquesne
    Simon Gomez, Duquesne
    Carter Poe, Duquesne
    Tim Brennan, Saint Joseph’s
    Adnan Gabeljic, Saint Louis
    Vaughn Spurrier, Temple
    Andrew Wells, VCU
    Sean Ryan, Xavier

    DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Nick Hagglund, Xavier
    MIDFIELDER OF THE YEAR: Donnie Smith, Charlotte
    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Jared Martinelli, Temple
    COACH OF THE YEAR: Mike McGinty, Saint Louis
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    Feb 13, 2001
    Nice to see my College Cup man-crush getting some love!
  22. Deadhorse0908

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    Jan 30, 2012
    Congrats to all the Charlotte players especially the GK!
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    Jun 29, 2007
    Here are the MPSF teams and awards. Zardes gets player of the year over UNM's Sandoval. Lobos' Ben McKendry gets newcomer of the year. Air Force's coach Doug Hill was named coach of the year. Lobos have 10 players on the 3 conference teams and 1 freshman as the newcomer of the year. That's more or less the entire starting lineup receiving at least 1 award. Conference USA here they come!

  24. Hararea

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    Jan 21, 2005
    MPSF First Team

    Student-Athlete No. Year Position School Hometown/Last School
    Gyasi Zardes 9 RS Junior Forward CSU Bakersfield Hawthorne, CA/Leuzinger HS
    Devon Sandoval 9 Senior Forward New Mexico Albuquerque, NM/San Diego State
    Blake Smith 23 Senior Forward New Mexico Boerne, TX/Boerne HS
    Chuy Sanchez 10 Senior Midfield CSU Bakersfield Chula Vista, CA/Castle Park HS
    Kevin Durr 13 Senior Midfield Air Force Garmisch, Germany/Munich Int’l
    Salvador Bernal 13 Sophomore Forward UNLV Las Vegas, NV/Clark HS
    Kory Kindle 11 Senior Defender CSU Bakersfield Ventura, CA/Ventura HS
    Steve Sanchez 8 Senior Forward San Jose State San Jose, CA/Piedmont Hills HS
    Zach Bolden 14 Junior Forward Denver Denver, CO/Denver East HS
    Kyle Venter 12 Junior Defender New Mexico Aurora, CO/Smoky Hill HS
    Victor Rodriguez 1 Senior Goalkeeper New Mexico Las Cruces, NM/Las Cruces HS

    MPSF Second Team
    - -
    Michael Calderon 11 Junior Midfield New Mexico San Jose, CR/Farleigh Dickenson
    Levi Rossi 16 Senior Defender New Mexico Denver, CO/Regis Jesuit HS
    Michael Kafari 10 Junior Midfield New Mexico Accra, Ghana/Centennial HS
    Andy Devlin 14 Sophomore Defender CSU Bakersfield Derry City, Ireland/NW Regional College
    Lucas Dall’Orso 12 Sophomore Midfield CSU Bakersfield Orange, CA/JSerra Catholic HS
    Zane Dydasco 5 Senior Forward Air Force Honolulu, HI/Kamehameha HS
    Matt Underwood 1 Senior Goalkeeper Air Force Colleyville, TX/USAFA Prep
    Drew Beckie 2 Senior Defender Denver Highlands Ranch, CO/Arapahoe HS
    Blake Shannon 11 Senior Defender Denver Houston, TX/Kingwood HS
    Nick Murphy 4 Senior Defender San Jose State San Francisco, CA/Lowell HS
    Nick Marshall 4 Senior Forward UNLV Tucson, AZ/Canyon Del Oro HS
    Kristopher Tyrpak 19 Junior Forward Houston Baptist Dripping Springs, TX/Dripping Springs HS
    Marshall Kosaka 15 RS Senior Forward Seattle U Burien, WA/Highline HS
    Hon Mention
    James Rogers 7 Sophomore Forward New Mexico Sierra Leone/Poudre HS
    Travis Campbell 6 RS Senior Defender New Mexico Phoenix, AZ/Thunderbird HS
    Mathew Gibbons 5 Sophomore Defender New Mexico Rotorua, New Zealand/Hamilton HS
    Joe Masumiya 19 Sophomore Midfield CSU Bakersfield Lakewood, CA/Lakewood HS
    Caleb Downey 6 Junior Midfield Air Force Evergreen, CO/Home School
    Jake Jones 14 Senior Defender Air Force Virginia Beach, VA/Hickory HS
    Jordan Schweitzer 22 Freshman Midfield Denver Everett, WA/Jackson HS
    Josh Wren 15 Senior Forward Denver Tulsa, OK/Jenks HS
    Jonathan Salceda 15 Junior Forward San Jose State San Jose, CA/Oregon State University
    Mike Mota 3 Senior Defender UNLV Las Vegas, NV/Chaparral HS
    Christian Cruz 11 Sophomore Forward Houston Baptist Round Rock, TX/CHSA
    Jose Merlo 21 Freshman Defender Seattle U San Marcos, CA/San Pasqual HS
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    The Big West link has all of that info. It's just hard to cut and paste a Pdf doc for me.

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