ESPN's Poynter Project on women's coverage

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    To sort of explain the Poynter Review Project for ESPN, it replaces the former Ombudsman role, where a commentator is given free reign to opine on ESPN's coverage of any topic. In a traditional newspaper Ombudsman, the O'man is given a fixed contract (twelve to 24 months) and has a form of "tenure" where they can't be fired for their commentary. After ESPN had at least three O'men (I think 18-months each), they went to this "think tank" to get broader comment on their journalism and broadcasting.

    This particular article has a fairly level-headed treatise on their ESPN-W semi-website, and see-ing if this can grow to any kind of full women's coverage. Especially, how it can grow into a business, noting that a lack of any other women's-specific (I think the broadcasting term is "-oriented") competition may mean that there really isn't much of a market for it. It also gives a list on how women actually watch sports, being almost an exact opposite on how men watch it.

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    Thanks for the link. Interesting article. So, women's soccer is one of the most popular. But ESPN doesn't have the rights for the olympics or next world cup. Too bad.

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