Euro 2012 Qualification Groups.

Discussion in 'Euro 2012' started by Rhand, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Rhand

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    Sep 27, 2009
    Mol, Belgium


  2. blank_frackis

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Aberdeen FC
    Winners: Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Croatia, England, Portugal, Spain

    Best runner up: Sweden

    Playoffs: Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, Greece, Wales, Denmark, Czech Republic

    Playoff winners: Russia, Serbia, Greece, Denmark
  3. soccerNJ

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    Jul 26, 2004
    denmark and portugal meet again. that sounds kind of interesting. i guess those trips to bulgaria and switzerland must have capello worrying by now, that if he makes it past south africa. spain and czech republic those are gonna be two interesting matches.
  4. frasermc

    frasermc Take your flunky and dangle

    Jul 28, 2006
    Celtic FC

    What makes you think that?

    The Czech Republic are an old team that are in decline. I can think of a few matchups from the various groups that would be considered as more interesting matchups.

    Italy against the fast improving Serbians springs to mind immediately. And a Scandanavian/Northern European matchup - Netherlands v Sweden.

  5. Melbourne Croatia

    Melbourne Croatia Member

    May 21, 2005
    [ame=""]YouTube- Slaven Bilic talks about Croatia's Euro 2012 Qualifying Group[/ame]
  6. Pint of Lager

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    Mar 21, 2009
    Germany - Turkey is gonna be an interesting matchup. If only for the fact that there are a lot of Turkish immigrants in Germany. Group A is also one of the toughest, so hopefully there'll be something at stake for both teams.

    My personal favourite, however, is Sweden - Finland. Always hotly contested, whatever the sport :) "The Nordic Group" H, featuring Denmark, Norway and Iceland is also interesting.
  7. Rhand

    Rhand Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    Mol, Belgium
    A: Germany & Belgium
    B: Russia & Ireland
    C: Italy & Serbia
    D: France & Bosnia
    E: Netherlands & Sweden
    F: Croatia & Greece
    G: England & Switzerland
    H: Portugal & Denmark
    I: Spain & Scotland

    Denmark, Sweden or Serbia will end as the best 2nd.
  8. Schnorrer_Sefarad

    Schnorrer_Sefarad Member

    May 17, 2005
    Maccabi Tel Aviv FC
    A: Germany and Turkey
    B: Russia and Ireland
    C: Italy and Serbia
    D: France and Romania
    E: Netherlands and Sweden
    F: Croatia and Israel
    H: Portugal and Denmark
    I: Spain and Scotland
  9. Hansadyret

    Hansadyret Member

    Feb 20, 2007
    Bergen, Norway
    SK Brann Bergen
    I don't think Portugal will make it this time.
  10. CROATmarin23

    CROATmarin23 New Member

    Jul 27, 2009
    Chelsea FC
    i think croatia will come through this time as winners, if everyone stays fit, modric, eduardo, olic etc..
  11. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Belgica Alemanha
    03-09-2010 Cazaquistao Turquia
    07-09-2010 Alemanha Azerjeijao
    07-09-2010 Turquia Belgica
    07-09-2010 Austria Cazaquistao
    08-10-2010 Austria Azerjeijao
    08-10-2010 Cazaquistao Belgica
    08-10-2010 Alemanha Turquia
    12-10-2010 Azerbaijao Turquia
    12-10-2010 Belgica Austria
    12-10-2010 Cazaquistao Alemanha
    25-03-2011 Austria Belgica
    25-03-2011 Alemanha Cazaquistao
    29-03-2011 Belgica Azerjeijao
    29-03-2011 Turquia Austria
    03-06-2011 Cazaquistao Azerjeijao
    03-06-2011 Belgica Turquia
    03-06-2011 Austria Alemanha
    07-06-2011 Azerbaijao Alemanha
    02-09-2011 Azerbaijao Belgica
    02-09-2011 Alemanha Austria
    02-09-2011 Turquia Cazaquistao
    06-09-2011 Azerbaijao Cazaquistao
    06-09-2011 Austria Turquia
    07-10-2011 Azerbaijao Austria
    07-10-2011 Belgica Cazaquistao
    07-10-2011 Turquia Alemanha
    11-10-2011 Turquia Azerjeijao
    11-10-2011 Alemanha Belgica
    11-10-2011 Cazaquistao Austria
  12. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Armenia Irlanda
    03-09-2010 Andorra Russia
    03-09-2010 Eslovaquia Macedonia
    07-09-2010 Irlanda Andorra
    07-09-2010 Russia Eslovaquia
    07-09-2010 Macedonia Armenia
    08-10-2010 Armenia Eslovaquia
    08-10-2010 Irlanda Russia
    08-10-2010 Andorra Macedonia
    12-10-2010 Armenia Andorra
    12-10-2010 Eslovaquia Irlanda
    12-10-2010 Macedonia Russia
    26-03-2011 Irlanda Macedonia
    26-03-2011 Andorra Eslovaquia
    26-03-2011 Russia Armenia
    04-06-2011 Russia Russia
    04-06-2011 Eslovaquia Andorra
    04-06-2011 Macedonia Irlanda
    02-09-2011 Irlanda Eslovaquia
    02-09-2011 Andorra Armenia
    02-09-2011 Russia Macedonia
    06-09-2011 Russia Irlanda
    06-09-2011 Eslovaquia Armenia
    06-09-2011 Macedonia Andorra
    07-10-2011 Armenia Macedonia
    07-10-2011 Andorra Irlanda
    07-10-2011 Eslovaquia Russia
    11-10-2011 Irlanda Armenia
    11-10-2011 Russia Andorra
    11-10-2011 Macedonia Eslovaquia
  13. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    11-08-2010 Estonia Ilhas Faroe
    03-09-2010 Eslovenia Irlanda Norte
    03-09-2010 Estonia Italia
    03-09-2010 Ilhas Faroe Servia
    07-09-2010 Servia Eslovenia
    07-09-2010 Italia Ilhas Faroe
    08-10-2010 Eslovenia Ilhas Faroe
    08-10-2010 Servia Estonia
    08-10-2010 Irlanda Norte Italia
    12-10-2010 Ilhas Faroe Irlanda Norte
    12-10-2010 Estonia Eslovenia
    12-10-2010 Italia Servia
    25-03-2011 Eslovenia Italia
    25-03-2011 Servia Irlanda Norte
    29-03-2011 Irlanda Norte Eslovenia
    29-03-2011 Estonia Servia
    03-06-2011 Ilhas Faroe Eslovenia
    03-06-2011 Italia Estonia
    07-06-2011 Ilhas Faroe Estonia
    10-08-2011 Irlanda Norte Ilhas Faroe
    02-09-2011 Eslovenia Estonia
    02-09-2011 Ilhas Faroe Italia
    02-09-2011 Irlanda Norte Servia
    06-09-2011 Italia Eslovenia
    06-09-2011 Servia Ilhas Faroe
    06-09-2011 Estonia Irlanda Norte
    07-10-2011 Irlanda Norte Estonia
    07-10-2011 Servia Italia
    11-10-2011 Italia Irlanda Norte
    11-10-2011 Eslovenia Servia
  14. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Romania Albania
    03-09-2010 Franca Bielorussia
    03-09-2010 Luxemburgo Bosnia-Herzegovina
    07-09-2010 Albania Luxemburgo
    07-09-2010 Bielorussia Romenia
    07-09-2010 Bosnia-Herzegovina Franca
    08-10-2010 Albania Bosnia-Herzegovina
    08-10-2010 Luxemburgo Bielorussia
    09-10-2010 Franca Romenia
    12-10-2010 Bielorussia Albania
    12-10-2010 Franca Luxemburgo
    25-03-2011 Luxemburgo Franca
    26-03-2011 Albania Bielorussia
    26-03-2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina Romenia
    29-03-2011 Romania Luxemburgo
    03-06-2011 Bielorussia Franca
    03-06-2011 Romania Bosnia-Herzegovina
    07-06-2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina Albania
    07-06-2011 Bielorussia Luxemburgo
    02-09-2011 Albania Franca
    02-09-2011 Bielorussia Bosnia-Herzegovina
    02-09-2011 Luxemburgo Romenia
    06-09-2011 Luxemburgo Albania
    06-09-2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina Bielorussia
    06-09-2011 Romania Franca
    07-10-2011 Franca Albania
    07-10-2011 Romania Bielorussia
    07-10-2011 Bosnia-Herzegovina Luxemburgo
    11-10-2011 Albania Romenia
    11-10-2011 Franca Bosnia-Herzegovina
  15. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 San Marino Holanda
    03-09-2010 Suecia Hungria
    03-09-2010 Moldavia Finlandia
    07-09-2010 Holanda Finlandia
    07-09-2010 Hungria Moldavia
    07-09-2010 Suecia San Marino
    07-10-2010 Holanda Moldavia
    08-10-2010 Moldavia Holanda
    08-10-2010 Hungria San Marino
    12-10-2010 San Marino Moldavia
    12-10-2010 Finlandia Hungria
    12-10-2010 Holanda Suecia
    17-11-2010 Finlandia San Marino
    25-03-2011 Hungria Holanda
    29-03-2011 Suecia Moldavia
    29-03-2011 Holanda Hungria
    03-06-2011 San Marino Finlandia
    03-06-2011 Moldavia Suecia
    07-06-2011 Suecia Finlandia
    07-06-2011 San Marino Hungria
    02-09-2011 Finlandia Moldavia
    02-09-2011 Holanda San Marino
    02-09-2011 Hungria Suecia
    06-09-2011 Finlandia Holanda
    06-09-2011 Moldavia Hungria
    06-09-2011 San Marino Suecia
    07-10-2011 Finlandia Suecia
    11-10-2011 Moldavia San Marino
    11-10-2011 Hungria Finlandia
    11-10-2011 Suecia Holanda
  16. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Grecia Georgia
    03-09-2010 Israel Malta
    03-09-2010 Letonia Croacia
    07-09-2010 Georgia Israel
    07-09-2010 Malta Letonia
    07-09-2010 Croacia Grecia
    08-10-2010 Grecia Letonia
    08-10-2010 Georgia Malta
    08-10-2010 Israel Croacia
    12-10-2010 Grecia Israel
    12-10-2010 Letonia Georgia
    12-10-2010 Croacia Malta
    26-03-2011 Georgia Croacia
    26-03-2011 Israel Letonia
    26-03-2011 Malta Grecia
    04-06-2011 Grecia Malta
    04-06-2011 Letonia Israel
    04-06-2011 Croacia Georgia
    02-09-2011 Georgia Letonia
    02-09-2011 Israel Grecia
    02-09-2011 Malta Croacia
    06-09-2011 Malta Georgia
    06-09-2011 Letonia Grecia
    06-09-2011 Croacia Israel
    07-10-2011 Grecia Croacia
    07-10-2011 Israel Georgia
    07-10-2011 Letonia Malta
    11-10-2011 Georgia Grecia
    11-10-2011 Malta Israel
    11-10-2011 Croacia Letonia
  17. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Montenegro Pais Gales
    03-09-2010 Inglaterra Bulgaria
    07-09-2010 Bulgaria Montenegro
    07-09-2010 Suica Inglaterra
    08-10-2010 Montenegro Suica
    08-10-2010 Pais Gales Bulgaria
    12-10-2010 Inglaterra Montenegro
    12-10-2010 Suica Pais Gales
    26-03-2011 Pais Gales Inglaterra
    26-03-2011 Bulgaria Suica
    04-06-2011 Montenegro Bulgaria
    04-06-2011 Inglaterra Suica
    02-09-2011 Pais Gales Montenegro
    02-09-2011 Bulgaria Inglaterra
    06-09-2011 Inglaterra Pais Gales
    06-09-2011 Suica Bulgaria
    07-10-2011 Montenegro Inglaterra
    07-10-2011 Pais Gales Suica
    11-10-2011 Bulgaria Pais Gales
    11-10-2011 Suica Montenegro
  18. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Portugal Chipre
    03-09-2010 Islandia Noruega
    07-09-2010 Noruega Portugal
    07-09-2010 Dinamarca Islandia
    08-10-2010 Portugal Dinamarca
    08-10-2010 Chipre Noruega
    12-10-2010 Islandia Portugal
    12-10-2010 Dinamarca Chipre
    26-03-2011 Chipre Islandia
    26-03-2011 Noruega Dinamarca
    04-06-2011 Portugal Noruega
    04-06-2011 Islandia Dinamarca
    02-09-2011 Chipre Portugal
    02-09-2011 Noruega Islandia
    06-09-2011 Islandia Chipre
    06-09-2011 Dinamarca Noruega
    07-10-2011 Portugal Islandia
    07-10-2011 Chipre Dinamarca
    11-10-2011 Noruega Chipre
    11-10-2011 Dinamarca Portugal
  19. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    03-09-2010 Liechtenstein Espanha
    03-09-2010 Lituania Escocia
    07-09-2010 Escocia Liechtenstein
    07-09-2010 Rep. Checa Lituania
    08-10-2010 Espanha Lituania
    08-10-2010 Rep. Checa Escocia
    12-10-2010 Liechtenstein Rep. Checa
    12-10-2010 Escocia Espanha
    25-03-2011 Espanha Rep. Checa
    29-03-2011 Rep. Checa Liechtenstein
    29-03-2011 Lituania Espanha
    04-06-2011 Liechtenstein Lituania
    02-09-2011 Lituania Liechtenstein
    03-09-2011 Escocia Rep. Checa
    06-09-2011 Espanha Liechtenstein
    06-09-2011 Escocia Lituania
    07-10-2011 Rep. Checa Espanha
    08-10-2011 Liechtenstein Escocia
    11-10-2011 Lituania Rep. Checa
    11-10-2011 Espanha Escocia
  20. jcsc

    jcsc New Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    Po 11-11-2011
    Po 11-11-2011
    Po 12-11-2011
    Po 12-11-2011
    Po 15-11-2011
    Po 15-11-2011
    Po 15-11-2011
    Po 15-11-2011
  21. Terry Gyimah

    Terry Gyimah New Member

    May 6, 2010
    FC Internazionale Milano
    Group A, this is an easy one, Germany will finish 1st in this group winning their group and qualifying directly to Euro 2012, while for 2nd place this is where it gets interesting because anything can happen, but I say Belgium will take 2nd place as my prediction for 2nd place in this group going into the playoff.

    Group B, Republic of Ireland I think that this may be their time to qualify for their first major tournament since 2002 where they qualified for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Korea/Japan, and Ireland now they have talent in their team, so I say they will win this group as my prediction and finish 1st. For 2nd place, I say Russia will take 2nd place, and go into the playoff.

    Group C, Serbia I think after winning their qualifying group in 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying, that they just may be a strong darkhorse to take 1st place in that qualifying group, so I say Serbia finishes 1st and wins that group. For 2nd place, the Italians will take it.

    Group D, since Domenech is done as coach and Laurent Blanc is taking over as France coach, that the French will bounce back from South Africa 2010 to dominate in Euro 2012 qualifying under Blanc, and the French will finish 1st in this group and win the group. For 2nd place it is going to be a real war for it between Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Albania for 2nd spot, so I will go on a line here and say that Bosnia takes 2nd place going into that playoff.

    Group E, Netherlands will finish 1st in this group and qualify for Euro 2012 with relative ease and no problems qualifying automatically, and 2nd place I think it is a real see-saw between Sweden and Finland for that playoff spot, but I say Sweden will take 2nd and go into the playoff

    Group F, Croatia I see them qualifying automatically for Euro 2012 by qualifying 1st out of this group and winning this group especially if all their players are fit, and they will want to show the world that they should have been at South Africa 2010, Croatia wins 1st place. For 2nd place, I see the Greeks taking 2nd place and going into the playoff.

    Group G, England I see them bouncing back after South Africa to qualify for Euro 2012 finishing this group by winning 1st place spot, especially with all that talent on their team, how can you go against them? For 2nd place though, it is really hard to decide on whether Switzerland or Bulgaria takes that spot since Bulgaria now is starting to rise up from the ashes and become somewhat prominent in Europe again, but then there's the Swiss who have proven time & time again that they are an excellently skilled defensive team, but I will go on a line here saying the Swiss will take 2nd place and go into the playoff.

    Group H, the Portuguese this time around I think will win this group and qualify automatically for Euro 2012 finishing 1st, and for 2nd place Denmark will take 2nd and go into the playoff.

    Group I, the Spaniards will take 1st and win their group with relative ease and no struggles going undefeated in qualifying. For 2nd place it is really tough to choose between Scotland and Czech Republic because both teams are so good, but I say Scotland will win 2nd place
  22. William Penn

    William Penn Member

    Jul 2, 2010
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    I'm interested in seeing how the Macedonians perform. If they could get a few favorable results away from home, I could see them contending for Group B's playoff spot. Their friendly record lately has been pretty impressive, with wins over Canada, Romania and Qatar, and they even gave Spain a run for their money when they found themselves up 2-0 at halftime (the Macedonians would ultimately fall to the European champions, 3-2, but it was still a memorable match, one which I attended). So if they manage to pull off some surprise results over Ireland, much like they did to Scotland in the 2010 qualifying campaign, and maintain a good goal difference when playing Russia, I think they could at least make a name for themselves, if they can't qualify.
  23. Milyc

    Milyc Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    Juventus FC
    Really looking forward to how Serenissima can perform against Moldova. Maybe an actual point is on store here!
  24. Terry Gyimah

    Terry Gyimah New Member

    May 6, 2010
    FC Internazionale Milano
    1) Germany I really want them to qualify for EURO 2012, so that way I can see them as the team who wins it all as back in EURO 2008 that should have been their tournament to win against Spain, and that didn't happen, and for Turkey to qualify now especially since Hiddink is now their coach

    2) I want Slovakia to qualify now especially after their performance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa after they made it to the Round of 16, and for Republic of Ireland to take the playoff spot to qualify right along with them

    3) Serbia and Italy will qualify, but who gets 1st is anyone's guess and who ends up in the playoff spot is also anyone's guess

    4) France will qualify for EURO 2012 rejuvenated and reinvigorated under Laurent Blanc and will bounce back from South Africa in style qualifying and finishing 1st, and for 2nd spot now it will be Bosnia & Herzegovina who will qualify using that playoff spot

    5) Netherlands & Sweden are already there

    6) Croatia will qualify for Euro 2012 after missing out on South Africa, and will be back even stronger qualifying 1st, and Greece in 2nd in the playoff

    7) England and Switzerland are already there

    8) Portugal and Denmark are there already too, and will be even stronger as teams

    9) Spain and Scotland are there
  25. Futbol_Head

    Futbol_Head Member+

    Aug 18, 2007
    The 6 yd box
    United States
    Winners: Germany, Russia, Serbia, France, Nederlands, Croatia, England, Portugal, Spain

    Best Runner Up: Belgium

    Playoff winners: Italy, Sweden, Bosnia, Slovakia

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