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    Note: "Glasgow City FC" is the show's name. The show is also available on BBC's iPlayer.

    It's not a reality show (thankfully), but a more-or-less traditional behind-the-scenes documentary with interviews and such. There's a good mix of topics/issues covered, from the business side (fund-raising, player compensation, etc.) to lighter lifestyle stuff. Some Scottish National Team players are featured, including Jo Love, whose other job is as a scientist, complete with white coat and glasses.

    USA connection - Katharina Lindner (German native, played at University of Hartford), who earned a Ph.D in Film Studies while playing for Glasgow City. Now, she's a lecturer at a University in London and commutes on the weekends to play for the club.

    Apparently, some of the players live together in a dorm at the University of Stirling.

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    They should put subtitles for non english people :p

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