Great Britain vs. Uruguay- a historic game apart

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    One thing about the Olympics is that usually you don't have many of the more iconic football teams face off in big dramatic matches we all dream to watch at the World Cup. This match for me (between 2 of the most iconic/legendary football nations on earth) is one of the most anticipated matches in Olympic History. I'm in London and this is all people are talking about. Expect Millennium Stadium tomorrow to be exploding for this do or die sure to be emotional roller coaster. It's the reason I'm a life long fan of this sport.

    ----England/GB- 62 million people (20 million less than Germany)
    - 1x FIFA World Champion
    - 2x FIFA World Cup Semi Finals
    * Hosts: 1966 FIFA World Cup
    * Voted in 2004 as one of FIFA's 6 most iconic football nations of all time.
    * Rivals: Germany and Scotland.
    ---- Uruguay- 3 million people (about 1/2 of Scotland)
    - 4x FIFA World Champions (officially by FIFA, since 1924 and 1928 played with pros)
    - 2x Olympic Champions
    - 5x FIFA World Cup Semi Finals
    - 15x Copa America winners
    - 1x FIFA World Cup Champions Cup (1980)
    * Hosts: 1930 FIFA World Cup (first ever)
    * Voted in 2004 as one of FIFA's 6 most iconic football nations of all time.
    * Rivals: Argentina and Brazil
    1. 1954 FIFA World Cup Quarter Final- Uruguay 4- England 2
    2. 1966 FIFA World Cup (opener)- England 0 Uruguay 0
    3. 1981- FIFA Intercontinental Cup Final- Penarol 2 (Copa Lib Champs) vs. Aston Villa (European Champs) - 2-0

    Whoever you're cheering for, this will be such a great match. Could be the match of the tournament for sure.

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    Iconic footballing countries; these particular teams, not so much. But better for GB than the next match:cool:

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