If Copa América started today, what would your team's starting lineup look like?

Discussion in 'Copa America' started by MetroChile, Aug 14, 2010.

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    IF the CA started today, what would your team's lineup look like? Which 23 would probably be called up?

    From Chile's perspective, I would assume the starting XI would remain the same if not very similar to what everyone saw at the WC:. In other words, Chile would look like this: C. Bravo; G. Medel, G. Jara, W. Ponce; M. Isla (der.), C. Carmona, A. Vidal (izq.); M. Fdez.; A. Sánchez, H. Suazo, J. Beausejour.

    As for the 23 that Bielsa would probably take, it would probably be very similar to the squad that travelled to South Africa though I would think P. Contreras and R. Tello will probably not be considered (both on the wrong side of 30).

    Let's hear it about your guys' teams!

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    hard to say what the formation for Peru would be but looking at who Mago has called so far for training camps and who he has been in contact with I assume a 23 would look something like


    1-Leao Butron - San Martin
    2-Salomon Libman - Alianza Lima
    3-Raul Fernandez - Universitario


    4-Santiago Acasiete - Almeria
    5-Alberto Rodriguez - Sporting Braga
    6-Carlos Zambrano - St Pauli
    7-Jhon Galliquio - Universitario
    8-Roberto Guizazola - Rosario Central
    9-Jesus Rabanal - Universitario

    10-Donny Neyra - Alianza Lima
    11-Rainer Torres - Universitario
    12-Josepmir Ballon - River Plate
    13-Jean Tragodara - Alianza Lima
    14-Juan Vargas - Fiorentina
    15-Joel Sanchez - Alianza Lima
    16-Reimond Manco - Juan Aurich
    17-Luis Ramirez - Universitario
    18-Antonio Gonzales - Universitario

    19-Claudio Pizarro - Werder Bremen
    20-Paolo Guerrero - Hamburg
    21-Jose Carlos Fernandez - Dep Quito
    22-Wilmer Aguirre - San Luis
    23-Jefferson Farfan - Shalke 04

    possible lineup

    --------Farfan----------Guerrero------Aguirre/J Sanchez/Vargas

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