Iranian Ace to Roma?!

Discussion in 'AS Roma' started by persiantiger, Dec 19, 2003.

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    Aug 21, 2003
    im not a roma fan but but i didnt hear about it anyway they were looking for a strong striker ala batistuta (and probably still are searching since carew isnt that powerful) but since they havent much money lately they could go for a cheaper one (didnt say weaker , i neither know that guy)
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    Jan 13, 2004
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    Vahid Hashemian

    Maybe this reported Iranian ace maybe Vahid Hashemian of Bochum in Germany's Bundesliga?
    I haven't seen him personally but the guy already has more 10 goals at the half way point of the German season?
    So if it is a mystery maybe it's him?
    With that said i don't think he will be really all that cheap so i don't know, but Roma have a plethora of strikers.
    Vincenzo Montella
    Marco Del Vecchio
    Antonio Cassano
    John Carew
    and last but certainly not least
    ______Francesco Totti____________
    second best attack (behind the great Juve) in serieA, why need more firepower?
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    Dec 15, 1999
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    not gonna happen

    No Roma for Mahdavikia

    The hypothesis of a passage to Roma seems to have vanished for Mehdi Mahdavikia, the interesting Iranian midfielder of Hamburg, as the giallorossi had eyed the renewel of his contract after a ultimatum to the player. The 26-year-old Middle Eastern national had until February to make a decision on his future, or face the "cut": well, the German press on Thursday removed all doubt.

    "I really believe that I will extend" the words attributed to Mahdavikia, and confirmed shortly afterwards by Klaus Topmoller to RTL: "I am happy that Mehdi will sign, this is important for us." Therefore a convincing offer from Hamburg, it is spoken about two million Euro per year over three seasons, Roma, instead would have taken him, at parameter zero, for little more than half.

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