Islanders and the Cosmos

Discussion in 'New York City FC' started by Red Card, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Oh yea - Suffolk is a very good possibility, as is staying put, but the reason I dont talk about them is because that has no effect on the Cosmos trying to build a stadium in Queens. At the end of the day, they belong in Long Island. With the young team they have, if they can ever put the money into the roster to fill out the team, and get to the promised land again, they need to have another parade on Hempstead tpk.

    Yes, all 3 can very well live happily ever after. Im sure there would be some dirty politics involved but yea - it can get done.

    Right now the ball is in the Cosmos court. They need to announce some stadium information before MLS accepts them.


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    Wang isn't an interloper at all. He can develop the hell out of flushing all he wants but Willets Point is on this side of the Flushing River.

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