Liga Sagres - Sporting - 2012-2013 Schedule

Discussion in 'Sporting CP' started by Guarda-Redes, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Guarda-Redes

    Guarda-Redes Member

    Jun 16, 2011

    1ª Jornada – V.Guimarães vs. Sporting

    2ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Rio Ave

    3ª Jornada – Marítimo vs. Sporting

    4ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Gil Vicente

    5ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Estoril

    6ª Jornada – FCPorto vs. Sporting

    7ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Académica

    8ª Jornada – V. Setúbal vs. Sporting

    9ª Jornada – Sporting vs. SCBraga

    10ª Jornada – Moreirense vs. Sporting

    11ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Benfica

    12ª Jornada – Nacional vs. Sporting

    13ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Paços De Ferreira

    14ª Jornada – Olhanense vs. Sporting

    15ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Beira-Mar

    16ª Jornada – Sporting vs. V. Guimarães

    17ª Jornada – Rio Ave vs. Sporting

    18ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Marítimo

    19ª Jornada – Gil Vicente vs. Sporting

    20ª Jornada – Estoril vs. Sporting

    21ª Jornada – Sporting vs. FCPorto

    22ª Jornada – Académica vs. Sporting

    23ª Jornada – Sporting vs. V. Setúbal

    24ª Jornada – SCBraga vs. Sporting

    25ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Moreirense

    26ª Jornada – Benfica vs. Sporting

    27ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Nacional

    28ª Jornada – Paços Ferreira vs. Sporting

    29ª Jornada – Sporting vs. Olhanense

    30ª Jornada – Beira-Mar vs. Sporting
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  2. Guarda-Redes

    Guarda-Redes Member

    Jun 16, 2011
    I planned a trip to the Acores and Lisbon from August 7 - 23rd, figured sometime between the 11th and the 19th they'll play a game, be it Liga or Europa and watch a game in Alvalade.

    Well August 19th we're in Guimaraes...and we are in the play-off round of the Europa League which is August 23 and 30th.

    So my dream of watching a game in Alvalade with Juve Leo, Torcida or just casual fans is done. Heart broken...
  3. ---Z---

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    Nov 2, 2005
    Sporting CP Lisbon
    think we can win the first 5 matches ahead of the porto game.
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  4. natenate101

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    Dec 16, 2006
    California, US
    Real Madrid
    United States
    Away at Maritimo always a tough one, right?

    That's a bummer, I'm sure you will catch one someday though. I wanna go back because the match I saw was a Europa League snoozer 1-0 against Lille a few years ago. Would like see a match with some passion and with this improved and more exciting squad.

  5. SCP21

    SCP21 Member

    Jul 1, 2011
    Sporting CP Lisbon
    Yea its always hard playing in Madeira.
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