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  1. destekke

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    Dec 28, 2004
    I read in an interview with former CSKA Sofia player Joao Carlos (currently playing at Belgian side Lokeren) that he got sick of the maffia there.
    He got paid by bulldozerlike men in a sportscar, the money coming out of a sportsbag. He could get in trouble if he used the money in his native Brazil, 'cause he didn't pay any taxes.
    Weird story for a highly estimated team like that.
    Do you know anything about other teams in Eastern Europe that
    set up these illegal affaires ?
    ergo, is the maffia playing a big role in Eastern Europe football ?

  2. Bluegreen

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    Apr 21, 2008
    I´d be interested to know more about the business logic of the biggest eastern european teams as well. Yesterday I was doing some research about CSKA and found out that this year they have only managed to gather little below 3000 spectator per game and their ticket prices vary between 1 and 5 euros.

    With such a low a gate receipts you can only afford semiprofessional team in the western Europe, but it´s not the cae in the east! Somehow they manage to pay high transfer fees and payrolls that are counted in hundreds of thousands and even millions.

    It seems to me that it´s pretty much always the same thing with eastern european clubs big clubs. You just can´t explain spendings with the cash flows that the team is getting. I can understand if, for examble, Rosenborg of Norway can collect 20 million euros a year with their ticket prices and television deals, but it´s just sick that teams like CSKA can play with multimillion budgets. Where does all that money come from?
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    Feb 25, 2006
    in my house
    I knew about this very long time ago. As for him, hes now probably gonna have to go in some hide out.

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