Marseille v Arsenal proves: No one remembers how you won, just that you WON.

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by juanca, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Last night was one scrappy game. the lads defended like hell, and while koscielny and song were great, give credit to the young boy Jenkinson who once again played like a lion, giving his all. he played through obvious pain, and even though he finally succumbed to the pain, his example was one that has endeared him to us the fans, as well as to his team mates and former arsenal players or current ones. That message is " heart, determination, and courage will trump your fancy dancy over inflated ego attitude any day of the week, twice on sunday"

    it was ugly last night, but we got the 3 points.

    More importantly, that was a performance that will be remembered right up there with away to milan and madrid, IMO anyway.

    people today are questioning whether or not Arsenal need to perhaps modify there approach.

    instead of thinking we'll give up 4 goals therefore we need 5 to win, the team should play like last night! Fight too and nail to protect that clean sheet and scrape a goal.

    One goal, if you have a clean sheet, is enough to win. Its easier to win by 1 goal then to win by 5 , especially if you're letting in 3 goals a game.

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