MLS 2014 TV Thread (Ratings, contracts etc)

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    Hi all,

    Happy New Year!

    This will be the new thread for the 2014 season regarding everything related to MLS on TV.

    In this thread we can talk about schedules, tv slots, tv stations, tv contracts, general soccer ratings, other sports and TV shows ratings as relates to MLS and of course track and try to speak on MLS TV ratings week to week.

    The first few posts in this thread will be dedicated to data so that there is always an easy reference point for the historical information and then we can keep a running tab on the ratings in the thread as we did in previous seasons.
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    MLS 2013 Regular Season TV Ratings Summary

    Home teams listed first. All times are Eastern

    NBC Sports Network (all ratings for 2.5 hour window unless specified)
    Game 0: 95k (RSL vs SEA) Saturday 7:30pm 2/23/2013*
    Game 1: 107k (HOU vs DC). Saturday 8:00pm. 3/2/2013
    Game 2: 79k (CHI vs NE) Saturday 7:30pm 3/9/2013
    Game 3: 82k (KC vs CHI) Saturday 3:00pm 3/16/2013
    Game 4: 209k (SEA vs POR) Saturday 8:00pm 3/16/2013
    Game 5: 97k (DC vs COLU) Saturday 3:30pm 3/23/2013
    Game 6: 100k (NY vs PHI) Saturday 3:30pm 3/30/2013
    Game 7: 41k (COLO vs RSL) Saturday 7:30pm 4/6/2013
    Game 8: 86k (DAL vs LA) Saturday 3:30pm 4/13/2013
    Game 9: 108k (POR vs SJ) Sunday 10:30pm 4/14/2013
    Game 10: 58k (LA vs KC) Saturday 10:30pm 4/21/2013
    Game 11: 53k (MON vs CHI) Saturday 4:00pm 4/27/2013
    Game 12: 122k (COLU vs NY) Saturday 4:00pm 5/4/2013
    Game 13: 51k (CHI vs PHI) Saturday 1:30pm 5/11/2013
    Game 14: 80k (KC vs HOU) Sunday 3:30pm 5/26/2013
    Game 15: 96k (NE vs LA) Sunday 4:00pm 6/2/2013
    Game 16: 149k (SEA vs VAN) Saturday 10:30pm 6/8/2013
    Game 17: 133k (POR vs COLO) Sunday 7:00pm 6/23/2013
    Game 18: 123k (PHI vs DAL) Saturday 5:30pm 6/29/2013
    Game 19: 173k (VAN vs SEA) Saturday 11:00pm 7/6/2013
    Game 20: 126k (POR vs LA) Saturday 11:00pm 7/13/2013
    Game 21: 94k (HOU vs CHI) Saturday 8:00pm 7/27/2013
    Game 22: 83k (KC vs NY) Saturday 6:30pm 8/3/2013
    Game 23: 58k (PHI vs DC) Saturday 8:00pm 8/10/2013
    Game 24: 110k (NY vs PHI) Saturday 8:00pm 8/17/2013
    Game 25: 133k (CHI vs KC) Friday 8:30pm 8/23/2013
    Game 26: 171k (RSL vs POR) Friday 10:00pm 8/30/2013
    Game 27: 67k (NY vs DC) Saturday 8:00pm 8/31/2013
    Game 28: 102k (SEA vs CHI) Saturday 10:00pm 9/7/2013
    Game 29: 177k (SEA vs RSL) Friday 10:00pm 9/13/2013
    Game 30: 131k (POR vs COL) Friday 10:00pm 9/20/2013
    Game 31: 247k (LA vs SEA) Saturday 10:00pm 9/21/2013
    Game 32: 98k (KC vs PHI) Friday 8:00pm 9/27/2013
    Game 33: 89k (DC vs CHI) Friday 8:00pm 10/4/2013
    Game 34: 183k (COLO vs SEA) Saturday 10:00pm 10/5/2013
    Game 35: 83k(KC vs DC) Friday 8:00pm 10/18/2013
    Game 36: 189k (PHI vs KC) Saturday 3:00pm 10/26/2013
    Game 37: 68k (SJ vs DAL) Saturday 5:30pm 10/26/2013
    Average: 103k (does not include Game 0)
    * This was the Preseason Diamond Cup final.

    ESPN2 (all ratings are for a 2.5 hour window unless specified)
    Game 1: 221k (POR vs NY) Sunday 7:30pm 3/3/2013
    Game 2: 179k (SJ vs NY) Sunday 10:00pm 3/10/2013
    Game 3: 108k (DAL vs HOU) Sunday 1:00pm 3/17/2013
    Game 4: 157k (CHI vs NY) Sunday 5:00pm 4/7/2013
    Game 5: 170k (DC vs PHI) Sunday 5:00pm 4/21/2013
    Game 6: 145k (LA vs HOU) Sunday 11:00pm 5/5/2013
    Game 7: 250k (LA vs NY) Sunday 1:00pm 5/19/2013*
    Game 8: 191k (LA vs SEA) Sunday 11:00pm 5/26/2013
    Game 9: 393k (NY vs HOU) Sunday 2:00pm 6/30/2013**
    Game 10: 138k (COLO vs LA) Saturday 7:00pm 7/27/2013***
    All-Star Game: 319k (MLS vs Roma) Wednesday 7:00pm 7/31/2013
    Game 11: 184k (DAL vs LA) Sunday 8:00pm 8/11/2013
    Game 12: 346k (SEA vs POR) Sunday 10:00pm 8/25/2013
    Game 13: 82k (SJ vs PHI) Sunday 11:00pm 9/8/2013*
    Average: 197k (does not include All Star Game)
    *Window was 128 minutes
    **Window was only 80 minutes due to Confed Cup game running long
    ***Window was 126 minutes

    ESPN(all ratings are for ~2 hour window).
    Game 1: 262k (POR vs DAL) Saturday 5:00pm 6/15/2013
    Game 2: 323k (PHI vs NY) Sunday 5:00pm 6/23/2013
    Game 3: 331k (CHI vs KC) Sunday 3:00pm 7/7/2013
    Game 4: 300k (SEA vs NY) Sunday 9:00pm 9/29/2013
    Game 5: 189k (POR vs SEA) Sunday 9:00pm 10/13/2013
    Game 6: 232k (LA vs SJ) Sunday 9:00pm 10/20/2013
    Game 7: 247k (SEA vs LA) Sunday 9:00pm 10/27/2013
    Average: 269K

    26 games: 229k average
    (removed per MLSFan123, updated number below.)

    23 games: 223k average


    Game 1: (NY vs DC) Saturday 12:30pm 3/16/2013
    Overnight: .7
    Final: .3, 461k

    Game 2: (POR vs LA) Sunday 3:30pm 9/29/2013
    Overnight: .3*

    Game 3: (DAL vs SEA) Saturday 2:30pm 10/19/2013
    Final: .3, 395k

    Game 4: (DC vs HOU) Sunday 1:30pm 10/27/2013
    Final: .2, 294k

    *Not sure if this is overnight or the fast national rating
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    2013 MLS Playoff TV Ratings Summary


    Game 1: 158k (SEA vs COL) Wed 10:30pm 10/30/2013
    Game 2: 142k (HOU vs MTL) Thu 8:30pm 10/31/2013
    Game 3: 114k (NE vs KC) Sat 8:00pm 11/2/2013
    Game 4: 233k (SEA vs POR) Sat 10:00pm 11/2/2013
    Game 5: 195k (POR vs SEA) Thursday 11:00pm 11/7/2013
    Game 6: 241k (KC vs HOU) Saturday 7:30pm 11/23/2013
    Average: 181k

    Game 1: 182k (RSL vs LA) Thursday 9:00pm 11/7/2013

    Game 1: 296k (LA vs RSL) Sun 9:00pm 11/3/2013
    Game 2: 302k (RSL vs POR) Sun 9:00pm 11/10/2013
    Game 3: 271k (POR vs RSL) Sun 9:00pm 11/24/2013

    ESPN/ESPN Average: 263k

    Game 1: ? (NY vs HOU) Sun 3:30pm 11/3/2013
    Game 2: ? (HOU vs KC) Sat 2:30pm 11/9/2013

    2013 MLS Cup
    (KC vs RSL) Sat 4:00pm 12/7/2013
    505k on ESPN, 514k on Unimas
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    2012 Regular Season TV Ratings

    Home teams listed first. All times are Eastern

    NBC Sports Network (all ratings for 2.5 hour window unless specified)
    Game 1: 82k (Dal vs NY). Sunday 3:00pm. 3/11/2012
    Game 2: 124/145k (2.5 hour/two hour) (PHI vs COLO) Sunday 4:00pm. 3/18/2012
    Game 3: 107k (2.5 hour) (SEA vs HOU) Friday 10:00pm 3/23/2012
    Game 4: 76k (DC vs DAL) Friday 7:30pm 3/30/2012
    Game 5: 123k (LA vs NE) Saturday 11:00pm 3/31/2012
    Game 6: 126k/139k (2.5 hour/two hour) (PHI vs COLU) Saturday 4:00pm 4/14/2012
    Game 7: 79k (CHI vs TOR) Saturday 3:30pm 4/21/2012
    Game 8: 70k (NY vs NE) Saturday 3:30pm 4/28/2012
    Game 9: 96k (SEA vs PHI) Saturday 4:00pm 5/5/2012
    Game 10: 120k (HOU vs DC) Saturday 4:30pm 5/12/2012
    Game 11: 71k (HOU vs LA) Saturday 2:30 5/26/2012
    Game 12: 53k (KC vs SJ) Sunday 4:40 5/27/2012
    Game 13: 63k (CHI vs NY) Sunday 5:00pm 6/17/2012
    Game 14: 137k (NY vs DC) Sunday 7:00pm 6/24/2012
    Game 15: 133k (KC vs CHI) Friday 8:00pm 6/29/2012
    Game 16: 151k (SEA vs COLO) Saturday 11:00pm 7/7/2012
    Game 17: 259k (POR vs LA) Saturday 11:00pm 7/14/2012
    Game 18: 60k (SJ vs DAL) Wednesday 11:00pm 7/18/2012
    Game 19: 392k (DAL vs LA) Saturday 8:00pm 7/28/2012
    Game 20: 233k (PHI vs NE) Sunday 7:00pm 7/29/2012
    Game 21: 148k (HOU vs NY) Friday 8:00pm 8/3/2012
    Game 22: 405k (POR vs DAL) Sunday 7:00pm 8/5/2012
    Game 23: 252k (NY vs HOU) Friday 8:00pm 8/10/2012
    Game 24: 52k (COLU vs LA) Wednesday 7:00pm 8/15/2012*
    Game 25: 98k (DC vs PHI) Sunday 5:00pm 8/19/2012
    Game 26: 40k (RSL vs PHI) Friday 7:30pm 8/24/2012
    Game 27: 124k (DAL vs LA) Sunday 7:00pm 8/26/2012
    Game 28: 121k (COLO vs POR) Friday 10:30pm 8/31/2012
    Game 29: 143k (CHIV vs SJ) Sunday 9:00pm 9/2/2012
    Game 30: 63k (DAL vs LA) Wednesday 9:00pm 9/5/2012
    Game 31: 81k (KC vs HOU) Friday 8:30pm 9/14/2012
    Game 32: 45k (RSL vs POR) Saturday 8:00pm 9/22/2012
    Game 33: 94k (CHIC vs KC) Friday 8:30pm 9/28/2012
    Game 34: 102k (VAN vs SEA) Saturday 9:00pm 9/29/2012
    Game 35: 82k (LA vs RSL) Saturday 9:00pm 10/6/2012
    Game 36: 101k (SEA vs RSL) Wednesday 10:00pm 10/17/2012
    Game 37: 39k (HOU vs PHI) Saturday 7:30pm 10/20/2012
    Game 38: 50k (KC vs PHI) Wednesday 8:30pm 10/24/2012
    Game 39: 62k (CHI vs DC) Saturday 4:00pm 10/27/2012
    Game 40: 101k (POR vs SJ) Saturday 6:30pm 10/27/2012
    Average: 119k (includes just the 2.5 hour numbers)

    * This game overlapped with US @ Mexico friendly on ESPN2 and Univision

    ESPN2 (all ratings are for a 2 hour window)
    Game 1: 337k (POR vs PHI) Monday 9:30pm 3/12/2012
    Game 2: 344k (DC vs NY) Sunday 6:00pm 4/22/2012
    Game 3: 275k (PHI vs NY) Sunday 12:30pm 5/13/2012
    Game 4: 146k (CHIV vs LA) Saturday 10:30pm 5/19/2012
    Game 5: 213k (HOU vs Dal) Saturday 7:30pm 6/16/2012
    Game 6: 320k (SJ vs LA) Saturday 10:00pm 6/30/2012
    All Star Game: 530k (MLS vs Chelsea) Wednesday 8:30 7/25/2012
    Game 7: 270k (SEA vs LA) Sunday 9:00pm 8/5/2012
    Game 8: 163k (CHIV vs LA) Sunday 11:00pm 8/12/2012
    Game 9: 130k (NY vs KC) Sunday 9:00pm 8/26/2012
    Game 10: 125k (PHI vs DCU) Thursday 8:00pm 9/20/2012
    Average: 232k (does not include all star game)

    ESPN (all ratings are for a 2 hour window)
    Game 1: 217k (NY vs COLO) Sunday 4:00pm 3/25/2012
    Game 2: 215k (KC vs LA) Saturday 4:00pm 4/7/2012*
    Game 3: 508k (LA vs NY) Saturday 8:00pm 5/5/2012
    Game 4: 888k (POR vs SEA) Sunday 5:00pm 6/24/2012**
    Game 5: 496k (LA vs CHI) Sunday 3:00pm 7/8/2012
    Game 6: 344k (NY vs SEA) Sunday 4:00pm 7/15/2012
    Game 7: 611k (NY vs PHI) Saturday 2:30pm 7/21/2012
    Game 8: 290k (POR vs SEA) Sunday 9:00pm 10/7/2012
    Game 9: 211k (SEA vs DAL) Sunday 9:00pm 10/21/2012
    Game 10: 265k (LA vs SEA) Sunday 9:00pm 10/28/2012
    Average: 405k

    ESPN/ESPN2 Combined Ratings: 20 games, 318k

    *Was moved from ESPN2 to ESPN
    **Had a period of time in first half that overlapped with Italy England Euro QF. The 888k represents only the MLS portion of the telecast. It does not include any of the Euro OT or PK ratings.

    Game 1: 576k (.4 rating) (POR vs SEA) Saturday 3:30pm 9/15/2012
    Game 2: ? (.4 rating) (CHI vs NY) Saturday 3:30pm 10/6/2012*
    Game 3: ? (.3 rating) (PHI vs NY) Saturday 1:30pm 10/27/2012*

    *While I don't know the exact ratings of each, we do know that the average of these two
    games was in the 575k range. (all NBC and NBCSN games averaged out to 151k)

    Galavision (all ratings are for a 2 hour window)
    Game 1: 90k (CHIV vs HOU) Sunday 7:00pm 3/11/2012
    Game 2: 77k (LA vs DC) Sunday 7:00pm 3/18/2012
    Game 3: 24k (KC vs DAL) Sunday 7:00pm 3/25/2012
    Game 4: 31k (COLO vs CHI) Sunday 7:00pm 4/1/2012
    Game 5: 45k (CHI vs HOU) Sunday 7:00pm 4/15/2012
    Game 6: 34k (DAL vs COLO) Sunday 7:00pm 5/6/2012
    Game 7: 66k (SJ vs CHIV) Sunday 7:00pm 5/13/2012
    Game 8: ?? (POR vs CHI) Sunday 7:00pm 5/20/2012
    Game 9: 23k (PHI vs DC) Saturday 7:00pm 6/16/2012
    Game 10: 47k (DAL vs CHIV) Saturday 9:00pm 6/23/2012
    Game 11: 44k (TOR vs NY) Saturday 9:00pm 6/30/2012
    Game 12: 52k (HOU vs DC) Sunday 9:00pm 7/15/2012
    Game 13: 31k (PHI vs CHI) Sunday 7:00pm 8/12/2012
    Game 14: 104k (NY vs POR) Sunday 7:00pm 8/19/2012
    Game 15: 128k (NY vs DC) Wednesday 8:00pm 8/29/2012
    Game 16: 93k (HOU vs CHI) Sunday 7:00pm 9/2/2012
    Game 17: 81k (Chiv vs DC) Sunday 7:00pm 9/23/2012
    Game 18: 53k (LA vs Colo) Sunday 7:00pm 9/30/2012
    Game 19: 42k (CHIV vs DAL) Sunday 7:00pm 10/7/2012
    Game 20: 57k (SJ vs LA) Sunday 7:00pm 10/21/2012
    Game 21: 20k (DAL vs CHIV) Sunday 7:00pm 10/28/2012
    Average: 57k (for 20 games)

    All Star Game: 358k (MLS vs Chelsea) Wednesday 8:30 7/25/2012
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    2012 Playoff TV Ratings

    Game 1: 201k (CHI vs HOU) Wed 9:00pm 10/31/2012 ESPN2
    Game 2: 142k (LA vs VAN) Thu 10:30pm 11/1/2012 NBCSN
    Game 3: 137k (SEA vs RSL) Fri Nov 2 10:00 NBCSN
    Game 4: 158k (DC vs NY) Sat Nov 3 7:56 NBCSN
    Game 5: ? (HOU vs KC) Sun Nov 4 3:30 NBC
    Game 6: 335k (LA vs SJ) Sun Nov 4 9:00 ESPN
    Game 7: 93k (KC vs HOU) Wed Nov 7 9:05 NBCSN
    Game 8: 424k (SJ vs LA) Wed Nov 7 11:13 ESPN2
    Game 9: 125k (NY vs DC) Thu Nov 8 7:30 NBCSN
    Game 10: 94k (RSL vs SEA) Thu Nov 8 10:00 NBCSN
    Game 11: 59k (HOU vs DC) Sun Nov 11 4:00 NBCSN
    Game 12: 540k (LA vs SEA) Sun Nov 11 8:00 ESPN
    Game 13: 111k (DC vs HOU) Sun Nov 18 4:00 NBCSN
    Game 14: 485k (SEA vs LA) Sun Nov 18 9:00 ESPN

    2012 MLS Cup
    (LA vs HOU) Sat Dec 1 4:30pm
    .7/797k on ESPN, 485k on Telefutura
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    Historical Data

    MLS Cup Through the Years
    2013 Sat., 12/7/13 Sporting/Real Salt Lake ESPN 505k, Unimas 514k
    2012 Sat., 12/1/12 Galaxy/Dynamo ESPN 797k, Telefutura 485k
    2011 Sun., 11/20/11 Galaxy/Dynamo ESPN 0.6 1.039M
    2010 Sun., 11/21/10 Rapids/FC Dallas ESPN 0.4 748k
    2009 Sun., 11/22/09 Real Salt Lake/Galaxy ESPN 0.7 1.141M
    2008 Sun., 11/23/08 Crew/Red Bulls ABC 0.6 907k
    2007 Sun., 11/18/07 Dynamo/Revolution ABC 0.8 1.097M
    2006 Sun., 11/12/06 Revolution/Dynamo ABC 0.8 1.245M
    2005 Sun., 11/13/05 Galaxy/Revolution ABC 0.8 1.137M
    2004 Sun., 11/14/04 Wizards/United ABC 0.8
    2003 Sun., 11/23/03 Fire/Earthquakes ABC 0.6 876K
    2002 Sun., 10/20/02 Revolution/Galaxy ABC 0.8 1.169M
    2001 Sun., 10/21/01 Galaxy/Earthquakes ABC 1.0
    2000 Sun., 10/15/00 Fire/Wizards ABC 0.7
    1999 Sun., 11/21/99 United/Galaxy ABC 0.7
    1998 Sun., 10/25/98 Fire/United ABC 1.0
    1997 Sun., 10/26/97 Rapids/United ABC 1.4
    1996 Sun., 10/20/96 United/Galaxy ABC 1.4

    2011 Final Ratings
    ESPN: 4 games: 498k
    ESPN2: 17 games: 238k
    ESPN/ESPN2 Combined: 21 games: 288k
    FSC: 29 games: 71k
    Galavision: 18 games: 72k
    Telefutura: 12 games 233K rating
    All Star Game vs Man United: 781k Wed 8:30pm July 27, 2011 on ESPN2

    2010 Final Ratings
    ESPN2: 25 games 249K
    FSC: 25 games 53k
    Telefutura: 23 games 211k
    All Star Game vs Man United: 714k Wed July 28, 2010 on ESPN2

    2009 Final Ratings
    ESPN2: 22 games 284k
    FSC: 32 game 53k
    Telefutura: 24 games 229k
    ESPN Deportes: 69k*
    All Star Game vs Everton: 484k Wed July 29, 2009 on ESPN2
    *number is only through games played as of Sept 14, 2009. I do not know if this is a complete number

    2008 Final Ratings
    ESPN2: 27 games 253k (dedicated Thursday night slot)
    Telefutura: 26 games 254k
    ESPN Deportes: 40k

    2007 Final Ratings
    ESPN2: 26 games 289k (dedicated Thursday night slot)
    Telefutura: 24 games 282k

    2006 Final Ratings
    ESPN2: 21 games 263k

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    People to follow on twitter for MLS TV information include

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    Univision's UniMas Draws More Major League Soccer Viewers Compared to ESPN & NBC Sports This Season

    UniMas: 223,000 viewers (in 65 million homes)
    ESPN2: 181,000 viewers (in 98.5 million homes)

    If MLS is on par with Liga MX today, MLS could benefit greatly from the increased TV rights (English and Spanish).

    The question is that does MLS owners want MLS to be as good as Liga MX in as little as a few years but at the cost of parity / level playing field?
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    Rabble rabble ratings!

    Harumph Harumph demographics!

    Blah blah TV contracts!

    There, 2014 thread complete.
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    AZUL GALAXY Member

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    But UNIMAS is free for the public, at list in LA area.
  12. MLSFan123

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    What point are you trying to make? Even if it is free, it still does not have the household reach of ESPN's yet.
  13. tab5g

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    May 17, 2002
    But is UniMas in more US TV HHLDs compared to ESPNDeportes?

    Free OTA content is unique (in some sense) as it reaches some viewers who would not have access otherwise.

    While OTA-only homes are not more than 1/7th of the US, there is value to MLS getting (some of) their media/broadcast content out free OTA.

    OTA homes have a smaller group of channels available to view, so having OTA delivery tends to increase the ratings for specific content (specifically within those OTA-only homes) -- relative to what that "same content" would get were it distributed otherwise.

    But yes, cable networks and subscription dollars are primarily driving the sports television business.

    AZUL GALAXY Member

    Aug 28, 2009
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    CDSC Cruz Azul
    The people that don't have cable or dish have less channels options.
  15. MLSFan123

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    That group is pretty small now.

    The ESPN's reach ~100 million households and I think there are about ~115 million households in the US with a TV
  16. MLSFan123

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    United States
    I would guess Unimas is in more homes.

    I can't find any hard data on how many households have ESPN Deportes. ESPN states 5.3 million Hispanic cable households but that is just part of their reach.
  17. jayd8888

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    Aug 22, 2006
    Denver CO
    Page 1
  18. tab5g

    tab5g Member+

    May 17, 2002
    1/8 of all US Households is a "smallish" fraction.

    But ~15 million households (on their own) can not be classified as "pretty small" as an absolute number.

    OTA-only homes (or non-subscribing-to-pay-TV homes) are likely always going to be an important part of the business of sports-media-entertainment. (But admittedly not an all that important part or portion if/as pay options can achieve 80-85% domestic market penetration.)

    But the demographic composition of "MLS's audience" (or keenly a portion of that available audience that they are trying to and can reach) may indeed over-index in terms of being OTA-only (or non-pay-TV) homes.
  19. MLSFan123

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    In the past we talked a lot about how the WNBA did better on TV than MLS did last season.

    But TV is such a small part of the whole picture for these niche leagues.

    While MLS appears to be growing very quickly, it came to light yesterday that one of the WNBA's corner stone franchises is in deep trouble.

    The LA Sparks owners informed the WNBA that they could not afford the losses any more and would be leaving the league immediately and laid everyone off.

    The league is scrambling to find new owners as they never expected this to happen.

    The team lost $12 million since 2007, including $1.4 million last year.

    Interestingly, they decided to just drop the team instead of selling it which must mean it was almost worthless.
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    They probably have tried but had no luck.

    That does suck for the league.

    Better what MLS has with the lower average ratings and high attendance than what the WNBA has.
  21. asoc

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    Sep 28, 2007
  22. holiday

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    Oct 16, 2007
    it's not just ratings vs attendance.
    i suspect mls teams have lost equal amounts of money along the way.
    if mls were going to blink at a loss of $1.4mil/year for its franchises, it would have folded already.
    but it's a matter of whether somebody reaches into his/her pocket to make it good.
    the problem for the wnba isn't just that it's not profitable, because neither is mls.
    the problem isn't that it's a sports league which has to piggy-back on rich owners to survive.
    the problem may be more that it's a sports league piggy-backing on another sports league piggy-backing on rich owners, and the owners are nearly as committed to their secondary toy.
  23. MLSFan123

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    Mar 21, 2011
    Millis MA
    New England Revolution
    United States
    You are missing the point.

    An MLS team that is supposedly struggling was just sold for $68 million.
    A WNBA team that was struggling was simply dropped because no one offered any money.

    That is the difference.

    The businessmen buying into MLS are not doing it for charity, as one lunatic suggested earlier. They are investing because they see the real value via SUM, low expenses and franchise values raising.

    The WNBA is currently where MLS was back in 2000/1. There is almost no comparison between the two leagues from a financial stand point any more.

    MLS is now wondering how big it can get
    WNBA is wondering who will take a cornerstone franchise in a huge market for free
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  24. Londo

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    Oct 7, 1999
    Nice post.

    This last line is chilling from the perspective of the WNBA. They spent all last season trumpeting how well the league was doing and this latest development just puts a huge pin in that balloon.

    WNBA game day revenue has to be a huge concern (which is the exact opposite from MLS which has seen its game day revenues explode the last 6 years.).

    With the WNBA slowly moving away from NBA ownership, there are more and more places where they are likely to not even be paying the rent on the building.

    As much of a disaster that Chivas USA is, I bet there would be businessmen all over the country tripping over themselves to buy it for a cut rate price of say $30 million. The WNBA could only dream of such a scenario.
  25. trip76

    trip76 Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    North East USA
    the fundamentals of the two leagues are are an important difference and are reflected in franchise valuations as noted.

    i think another important factor is the potential of the two leagues. there are no shortage of professional mens soccer leagues globally that have reached impressive financial heights. i won't get into the possible reasons why, but there is not a single female team sports league that has reached financial success of any kind to make investors sit up and take notice.

    i think the potential of MLS allowed investors to see past shaky fundamentals early on. female team sports leagues don't have that same potential, so investors have a lower tolerance for losses. you double down on a good bet, you cut your losses on a speculative bet you threw a couple dollars at.
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