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    Apr 9, 2008
    This is broken up into a few different categories:

    • WPS Leftovers (U.S. players that played in WPS, not including current USWNT pool)
    • USWNT player pool
    • Canada/Mexico national team players
    • Other internationals who were in WPS
    • 2012 would be rookies in WPS (from 2012 WPS draft, and aka 2011 college seniors)
    • Current 2013 league rookies (aka 2012 college seniors)

    Now, pick a team (either your favorite league team, or any one of the eight upcoming teams).
    What players do you want for that team? Be realistic. Don't just stack your team with nothing but stars. You don't want to break the bank. Too many stars that cost too much $$$ = disbanded team. You can't afford nothing but stars. So again, please be realistic.
    Build your team of 18 players (no more than 18, no less than 18):

    • Pick 3 USWNT players (no less than 3, no more than 3. 24 / 8 teams = 3 per team)
    • Pick 3 or 4 combined Canada/Mexico players (with at least one from each fed)
    • Pick 1 or 2 other internationals (either from WPS, or anyone internationally within reason)
    • Pick at least a few American citizen WPS leftovers from section #5 below.
    • Pick the rest of your players from the crop of 2012 & 2013 rookies (be realistic for 2013).
    • Feel free to pick a "discovery" player or 2 for your roster (who are not on these lists below)

    This is not a fantasy league thing. This is not intended for fantasy. Reality is intended.
    Just a realistic glimpse at how you think the roster(s) will look.
    Have fun with it. The league would welcome this kind of perception and feedback.

    Section #1:
    USWNT pool
    F - Alex Morgan
    F - Abby Wambach
    F - Sydney Leroux
    F - Christen Press
    F - Amy Rodriguez
    MF - Lauren Cheney
    MF - Megan Rapinoe
    MF - Tobin Heath
    MF - Carli Lloyd
    MF - Heather O'Reilly
    MF - Shannon Boxx
    MF - Meghan Klingenberg
    MF - Lori Lindsey
    MF - Yael Averbuch
    D - Rachel Buehler
    D - Amy LePielbet
    D - Christine Rampone
    D - Kelley O'Hara
    D - Ali Krieger
    D - Becky Sauerbrunn
    D - Stephanie Cox
    D - Whitney Engen
    GK - Hope Solo
    GK - Jill Loyden
    GK - Ashlyn Harris
    Section #2:
    Canada pool
    F - Christine Sinclair
    F - Melissa Tancredi
    F - Jonelle Filigno
    F - Brittany Timko
    MF - Kelly Parker
    MF - Sophie Schmidt
    MF - Desiree Scott
    MF - Diana Matheson
    MF - Kaylyn Kyle
    D - Lauren Sesselmann
    D - Candace Chapman
    D - Emily Zurrer
    D - Cheslea Stewart
    D - Rhian Wilkinson
    D - Robyn Gayle
    D - Carmelino Moscato
    GK - Karina LeBlanc
    GK - Erin McLeod
    Section #3:
    Mexico pool
    F - Veronica Perez
    F - Maribel Dominguez
    F - Monica Ocampo
    F - Stephany Mayor
    MF - Juana Lopez
    MF - Guadalupe Worbis
    MF - Dinora Garza
    MF - Nayeli Rangel
    MF - Liliana Mercado
    MF - Teresa Noyola
    D - Kenti Robles
    D - Rubi Sandoval
    D - Alina Garciamendez
    D - Natalie Vinti
    D - Luz del Rosario Saucedo
    D - Natalie Garcia
    GK - Erika Venegas
    Section #4:
    WPS Internationals
    F - Marta
    F - Laura Kalmari
    F - Kosovare Asllani
    F - Fabiana
    F - Laura Del Rio
    F - Veronica Boquete
    F - Karen Carney
    F - Sarah Walsh
    F - Cristiane
    F - Lisa De Vanna
    F - Ramona Bachman
    F - Holmfridur Magnusdottir
    F - Jessica Landstrom
    F - Eniola Aluko
    F - Lianne Sanderson
    F - Madelaine Edlund
    F - Lene Mykjaland
    MF - Aya Miyama
    MF - Rosana
    MF - Daniela
    MF - Caroline Seger
    MF - Mami Yamaguchi
    MF - Camille Abily
    MF - Kelly Smith
    MF - Katie Chapman
    MF - Johanna Rasmussen
    MF - Homare Sawa
    MF - Formiga
    MF - Elaine
    D - Anita Asante
    D - Faith Ikidi
    D - Alex Scott
    D - Sonia Bompastor
    D - Daphne Koster
    GK - Karen Bardsley

    Section #5:
    WPS (USA) Leftovers
    F - Danesha Adams
    F - Kiki Bosio
    F - Lindsay Tarpley
    F - Michelle Enyeart
    F - Ella Masar
    F - Christie Welsh
    F - Kerri Hanks
    F - Tasha Kai
    F - Jessica McDonald
    F - Tiffany Weimer
    F - Casey Nogueira
    F - Megan Lenczyk
    MF - Becky Edwards
    MF - Nikki Washington
    MF - Rebecca Moros
    MF - Kristina Larsen
    MF - Sarah Huffman
    MF - Carolyn Blank
    MF - India Trotter
    MF - Brittany Klein
    MF - Beverly Goebel
    MF - Leslie Osborne
    MF - Liz Bogus
    MF - Jen Buczkowsi
    MF - Allie Long
    MF - Maggie Tomecka
    MF - Joanna Lohman
    MF - Lyndsey Patterson
    MF - Angie Kerr
    MF - Tina DiMartino
    MF - Amanda Cinalli
    MF - Lori Chalupny
    MF - Kacey White
    MF - McCall Zerboni
    MF - Julianne Sitch
    MF - Sinead Farrelly
    MF - Keelin Winters
    MF - Kylie Wright
    MF - Amanda Dacosta
    MF - Bianco D'Agostino
    D - Elli Reed
    D - Heather Mitts
    D - Marian Dalmy
    D - Kasey Moore
    D - Elise Weber
    D - Katie Larkin
    D - Tina Ellertson
    D - Brittany Bock
    D - Kendall Fletcher
    D - Natalie Spilger
    D - Allison Falk
    D - Carrie Dew
    D - Kristi Eveland
    D - Kristen Graczyk
    D - Kaley Fountain
    D - Nikki Marshall
    D - Meghan Schnur
    D - Ali Riley
    D - Sara Larsson
    D - Jill Gilbeau
    D - Brittany Taylor
    D - Cat Whitehill
    D - Kate Markgraf
    D - Leigh Ann Robinson
    D - Kia McNeill
    D - Kiersten Dallstream
    D - Jordan Angeli
    D - Manya Makoski
    D - Alex Singer
    D - Kandace Wilson
    D - Keeley Dowling
    D - Stacy Bishop
    D - Lauren Fowlkes
    GK - Ashley Phillips
    GK - Val Henderson
    GK - Allison Lipsher
    GK - Alyssa Naeher
    GK - Nicole Barnhart
    GK - Allison Whitworth
    GK - Jenni Branam
    GK - Brett Maron
    GK - Erin Guthrie
    Section #6:
    2012 would've WPS Rookies
    F - Melissa Henderson
    F - Stephanie Ochs
    F - Sarah Hagen
    F - Laura Heyboer
    F - Krista Lopez
    F - Courtney Jones
    F - Merritt Mathias
    F - Lindsay Taylor
    F - Kayla Grimsley
    F - Blake Miller
    F - Danielle Foxhoven
    MF - Katy Frierson
    MF - Ingrid Wells
    MF - Camille Levin
    MF - Tori Huster
    MF - Tahni Annis
    D - Toni Pressley
    D - Melinda Mercado
    GK - Bianca Henninger
    GK - Jillian Mastroianni
    Section #7:
    2013 Current Rookies
    F - Tiffany McCarty
    F - Caroline Miller
    F - Carlee Payne
    F - Tiffany Cameron
    F - Victoria DiMartino
    F - Tishia Jewell
    MF - Amber Brooks
    MF - Christine Nairn
    MF - Kristen Mewis
    MF - Erika Tymrak
    MF - Zakiya Bywaters
    MF - Jessica Price
    MF - Bri Rodriguez
    MF - Ranee Premji
    MF - Maria Lubrano
    MF - Casey Short
    MF - Kristen Meier
    MF - Holly King
    MF - Jessica Ringwood
    MF - Chelsea Cline
    MF - Mariah Nogueira
    D - Lindsi Cutshall
    D - Ines Jaurena
    D - Rachel Quon
    D - Bry McCarthy
    D - Tiana Brockway
    D - Kat Williamson
    GK - Adrianna Franch
    GK - Erin McNulty
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    Aug 16, 2012
    It's funny you posted this, I've been working on assembling a "fantasy team" on paper already just for kicks. Glad you posted more formal parameters. Give me a moment.
  3. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    Wait isn't Sarah Walsh definitively retired as of this point?
  4. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    She retired from the Australian national team.
    I thought she was leaving the window open to play in the Australian W-League still.
    If so, I included her as a possible option here, but doubtful she'd return to the U.S.

  5. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    Aight here's what I got. Lemme know how yall feel about it.

    F Melissa Henderson (S6)
    F Christine Sinclair (CWNT)
    F Victoria Dimartino (S7)
    F Jonelle Filigno (CWNT)

    MF Megan Rapinoe (USWNT)
    MF Camille Levin (S6)
    MF Bianca D'Agostino (S6)
    MF Lori Chalupny (S6)
    MF Tsung Shu-O (Int)
    MF Tiffany Weimer (S5)

    D Lauren Sesselmann (CWNT)
    D Stephanie Cox (USWNT)
    D Cat Whitehill (S5)
    D Ciara Mccormack (added, other North American)
    D Rubi Sandoval (MWNT)
    D Leanne Champ (Int)

    GK Hope Solo (USWNT)
    GK Jillian Mastroianni (S6)
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    Apr 9, 2008
    Cool team. I like it.
    What team (city) is this for, out of the 8 teams in the new league?
    Portland? Seattle? some other team?
  7. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    >Now, pick a team (either your favorite league team, or any one of the eight upcoming teams).

    Derp, missed this part. Didn't really have a particular one in mind. I live in Calgary so all these places might as well be the moon.
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    May 6, 2003
    San Diego, Calif.
    Seattle Sounders
    United States
    Is Jordan Angeli still having a rough time with her injury? Seems like, at least over Twitter, she was taking a while and a half to heal.
  9. BostonRed

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Somerville, MA
    New England Revolution
    United States
    Girlfriend in the US might influence her decision.
  10. bythesea

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    May 27, 2005
    Filigno and Stewart are the CNT players still in school. Moscato looks to be a full time coach, if I'm not mistaken. Has anyone heard about Kelly Parker?
  11. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Parker was on the Canadian team at the Olympics.
  12. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008

    Here is mine, and if our teams played against each other, it would go to extra time in the playoffs.

    Chicago Red Stars (new look Chi-team) (the team of black&blue, skill, and speed)
    F - Christen Press (USWNT fed paid player)
    F - Veronica Perez (Mexico fed paid player)
    F- Lisa De Vanna (international -Australia - super sub)
    F - Melissa Tancredi (Canada fed paid player, 5'9")
    MF - Kristen Mewis (S7 - 2013 rookie - Boston College) (attacking midfielder)
    MF - Tobin Heath (USWNT fed paid player)
    MF - Becky Edwards (S5 - WPS leftover)
    MF - Joanna Lohman (S5 - WPS leftover)
    MF - Kristen Van De Ven (international - Netherlands)
    MF - Katy Frierson (S6 - 2012 rookie - Auburn)
    D - Ali Riley (New Zealand, S5 - WPS leftover, doesn't count as an international)
    D - Candace Chapman (Canada fed paid player)
    D - Whitney Engen (USWNT fed paid player)
    D - Alina Garciamendez (Mexico fed paid player)
    D - Carrie Dew (S5 - WPS leftover)
    D - Merritt Mathias (S6 - 2012 rookie - Texas A&M (convert from forward to defender)
    GK - Adrianna Franch (S7 - 2013 rookie - Oklahoma State)
    GK - Val Henderson (S5 - WPS leftover)
    MF - Necib (I hold the rights to Necib. Hopefully she'll come over sometime in mid-season)

    Becky Edwards, Whitney Engen, Candace Chapman, and Ali Riley, back together again.
    Just like in 2011, but with a different team.

    This is President Obama'a team.
    We will give him season tickets to cheer on his Red Stars.
    We hope he comes to many games with Speaker John Boehner.
    That would be fantastic publicity and awareness for the league.
    Two midwest guys that love their midwest women's soccer.

    But you have to admit.
    This is a playoff team above (well, on paper).
  13. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    Press is actually a personal favorite of mine, but I'm not banking on her leaving Goteborg. I'd like it if she did, though. You might be onto something with Tancredi (ready-made enforcer in case people decide to play rough with Press) and Heath (she's definitely not paid enough attention too). Necib would be quite a steal. I think you're onto something here, dude.
  14. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Yeah, I realize it'll be tough to convince Necib to come over to the U.S.
    She would have to be my highest paid player, as Press, Heath, Engen, Tancredi, Chapman, Perez, and Garciamendez would all be fed paid players (no pennies out of my pocket).

    However, I'm not sure I could afford Necib, Lisa De Vanna, and Ali Riley.
    Frierson, Mathias, and Franch will be right around minimum salary, since they're so young.
    Dew won't cost too much. I think I can get Edwards for cheaper than her market value, since she'll want to play with Engen, Chapman, and Riley again. Mewis would be my first round draft pick in the rookie draft (#2 overall pick in the first round), so she'll be a rookie, but a higher paid rookie of course.
  15. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Sending out scouts to watch Vanessa DiBernardo in her senior year at Illinois next year.
    She's on our radar for our first round pick in the 2014 rookie draft.
    She also wants to play for Chicago. Possibly a great fit.

    We also have an interesting prospect that is coming out to one of our amateur tryout sessions.
    She may have a chance to be on our "developmental" player list
    Gotta keep the male fan base in Chicago happy, and the beer sales up at Toyota Park ..........

  16. SiberianThunderT

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    Sep 21, 2008
    Saint Louis Athletica
    If CHI doesn't keep a large number of the players it's had over the past two years, I'll be rather surprised. Cinalli and Weber for sure, at least.

    And all of your forwards are rather unlikely:
    -Press - will she even come to the US? I thought her contract w/ Goteborg was two years...
    -Perez - already has ties to Seattle
    -De Vanna - any non-North-American players are a stretch, and she'd much more likely east coast (was with DC before, other Aussies with BOS) anyway
    -Tanc - already has ties to Portland
  17. JanBalk

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    Jun 9, 2004
    Uppsala, Sweden
    No it was one year deal, and no new contact have been signed yet* but both parties seems intrested to continue and is "talking".
    *Göteborg tend to be fast to declar new signings and they have not yet for Press extention.

    So my guess is that she will not go to the US for 2013 (but probably for 2014) but she is not yet under contract in Europe.
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  18. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    I know this isn't legal, but could you imagine if (hypothetically) Christen Press were allowed to play for the Swedish National team. Press and Schelin would form one heck of a duo. Combined, they bring everything you would ever want in an attacking duo.
  19. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    I think she'd be allowed if the US stopped existing or something, a la fall of the USSR. Uh, knock on wood?
  20. blissett

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    Aug 20, 2011
    I don't know anything about WPS, don't even live in North America or root for USWNT, just curious, and I have some doubts about the list:
    • Why Ali Riley is listed as USA/WPS leftover and not WPS international? Doesn't she play for New Zealand? o_O Or you just chose to consider where she lives and she lives in USA?
    • Kate Markgraf? I thought she was retired... I often heard her comment matches in TV. Does she really still plays? Isn't she about 40?
    • Lori Chalupny: i vaguely remember hearing that she had never completely recovered from a bad injury. Does she still play?
    • There are maybe another pair of USA/WPS leftover players that left me puzzled because I thought they were retired, when I first read, but I can't find who they were...
    Sorry, maybe what I said didn't make sense, I am not an expert of US soccer. Just the doubts of a lover of international women's football, watching from outside...
  21. BostonRed

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    Oct 9, 2011
    Somerville, MA
    New England Revolution
    United States
    Ali Riley was born in the US and still lives here.

    Calupny played for Chicago Red Stars in WPSLE in 2012 and is in Sweden now.
  22. BostonRed

    BostonRed Member+

    Oct 9, 2011
    Somerville, MA
    New England Revolution
    United States
  23. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Riley's first love is America.
    2nd is New Zealand.
    She's even been quoted as saying this.

    I remember reading online that she was dating an American college male back in 2009 or so, and ended up cheating on him for another older American college male (graduate/teaching assistant). I don't think she's had a New Zealand lover in her life recently. She'll be in the U.S. for this league, I have no doubts.
  24. cpthomas

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    Jan 10, 2008
    Portland, Oregon
    United States
    I'm thinking Portland, mostly (but not always) with players that have regional ties (West Coast, with Portland emphasis). I'm a little short on forwards, but some of the mids could play forward:

    Christine Sinclair F
    Danielle Foxhoven F
    Casey Nogueira F

    Megan Rapinoe MF
    Tobin Heath MF
    Sophie Schmidt MF
    Leslie Osborne MF
    Angie Kerr MF
    Keelin Winters MF

    Stephanie Cox D
    Alina Garciamendez D
    Elli Reed D
    Ali Riley D
    Marian Dalmy D
    Kate Deines D (you left her off the Section 6 group)

    Erin McLeod GK
    Bianca Henninger GK

    There are some players that are going to be coming out of college early, notwithstanding what others think. I'll save a place for one of them. And yes, I have one in mind.
  25. TsovLoj

    TsovLoj Member

    Aug 16, 2012
    You're not short on forwards if you've got Sinclair involved. I'd rather have her up front with one other than three average forwards.

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