Official 2013 US Player Draft Voting/Discussion Thread

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Which of the 12 Teams in the 2013 Draft Do You Think is the Best?

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  1. Balerion

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    4 vote(s)
  3. Deportivo Vejete (Mr Martin and Deuteronomy)

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  4. Sean...

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  5. The Darned United (Hararea)

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  6. Real Soccer FC (Soccersubjectively and Joe Cleats)

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  7. MI-Soccerfan

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  8. Harper916

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  9. Sebsasour

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  10. Academìa C.F. (AutoPenalti)

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  11. Neuwerld

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  12. bmo180

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  1. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    Hooray, the wonderful moderators here at Big Soccer have adjusted the polling system to allow for 12 choices. Much thanks to the powers that be!

    This thread is for a discussion of the 12 teams selected over the last 4 weeks in the 2013 US Player Draft. Each of the 12 teams should post a writeup about their team, making a case for why their team is a good one.

    The Poll is open already, but I would encourage voters to wait until every team has had a chance to promote themselves and discuss their team. The Poll ends in 5 weeks, which will take us through the end of March.

    As a reference, the Official Draft Thread and the original Official Discussion thread are linked below:

  2. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    This was how the Draft played out, round by round. But each team is responsible for summarizing their picks and describing how their team works.

    First Round
    1. Balerion - Clint Dempsey
    2. MLSNHTOWN - Michael Bradley
    3. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Landon Donovan
    4. Sean... - Jozy Altidore
    5. The Darned United (Hararea) - Fabian Johnson
    6. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Geoff Cameron
    7. MI-Soccerfan - Jermaine Jones
    8. Harper916 - Graham Zusi
    9. Sebsasour - Daniel Williams
    10. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Mikkel Diskerud
    11. Neuwerld - Timothy Chandler
    12. bmo180 - Omar Gonzalez

    Second Round

    13. bmo180 - Josh Gatt
    14. Neuwerld - Brek Shea
    15. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - John Anthony Brooks
    16. Sebsasour - Herculez Gomez
    17. Harper916 - Stuart Holden
    18. MI-Soccerfan - Sacha Kljestan
    19. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Steve Cherundolo
    20. The Darned United (Hararea) - Terrence Boyd
    21. Sean... - Jose Francisco Torres
    22. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Eddie Johnson
    23. MLSNHTOWN - Chris Wondolowski
    24. Balerion - Matt Besler

    Third Round

    25. Balerion - Will Bruin
    26. MLSNHTOWN - Chris Pontius
    27. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Maurice Edu
    28. Sean... - Kyle Beckerman
    29. The Darned United (Hararea) - Juan Agudelo
    30. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Brad Davis
    31. MI-Soccerfan - Joe Corona
    32. Harper916 - Dax McCarty
    33. Sebsasour - Carlos Bocanegra
    34. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Luis Gil
    35. Neuwerld - Kenny Cooper
    36. bmo180 - Aron Johansson

    Fourth Round

    37. bmo180 - Nick Deleon
    38. Neuwerld - DaMarcus Beasley
    39. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Matt Hedges
    40. Sebsasour - Michael Parkhurst
    41. Harper916 - CJ Sapong
    42. MI-Soccerfan - Clarence Goodson
    43. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Benny Feilhaber
    44. The Darned United (Hararea) - Chris Rolfe
    45. Sean... - Oguchi Onyewu
    46. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Alejandro Bedoya
    47. MLSNHTOWN - Eddie Gaven
    48. Balerion - Edgar Castillo

    Fifth Round

    49. Balerion - Tim Howard
    50. MLSNHTOWN - Perry Kitchen
    51. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Alan Gordon
    52. Sean... - Eric Lichaj
    53. The Darned United (Hararea) - Michael Farfan
    54. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Steven Lenhart
    55. MI-Soccerfan - Jonathan Spector
    56. Harper916 - George John
    57. Sebsasour - Kelyn Rowe
    58. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Benji Joya
    59. Neuwerld - Justin Morrow
    60. bmo180 - Luis Silva

    Sixth Round

    61. bmo180 - Amobi Okugo
    62. Neuwerld - Sam Cronin
    63. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Joe Gyau
    64. Sebsasour - Jack McInerney
    65. Harper916 - Heath Pearce
    66. MI-Soccerfan - Conor O'Brien
    67. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Brad Guzan
    68. The Darned United (Hararea) - Brad Evans
    69. Sean... - Teal Bunbury
    70. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Ricardo Clark
    71. MLSNHTOWN - Austin Berry
    72. Balerion - Jeff Larentowicz

    Seventh Round

    73. Balerion - Bobby Wood
    74. MLSNHTOWN - Jay Demerit
    75. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Tim Ream
    76. Sean... - Jeff Parke
    77. The Darned United (Hararea) - Michael Orozco Fiscal
    78. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Zach Lloyd
    79. MI-Soccerfan - Edson Buddle
    80. Harper916 - Alfredo Morales
    81. Sebsasour - Davy Arnaud
    82. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Sean Johnson
    83. Neuwerld - Nat Borchers
    84. bmo180 - Andrew Wenger

    Eighth Round

    85. bmo180 - Steven Beitashour
    86. Neuwerld - Bobby Boswell
    87. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Rubio Ruben
    88. Sebsasour - Tony Beltran
    89. Harper916 - Lee Nguyen
    90. MI-Soccerfan - Mike Magee
    91. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Chad Marshall
    92. The Darned United (Hararea) - AJ DeLaGarza
    93. Sean... - Corey Ashe
    94. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Zac Whitbread
    95. MLSNHTOWN - Chance Myers
    96. Balerion - Nick LaBrocca

    Ninth Round

    97. Balerion - Sean Franklin
    98. MLSNHTOWN - Connor Lade
    99. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Seth Sinovic
    100. Sean... - Robbie Rogers
    101. The Darned United (Hararea) - Conor Casey
    102. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Dilly Duka
    103. MI-Soccerfan - Sheanon Williams
    104. Harper916 - Robbie Findley
    105. Sebsasour - Jack Jewsbury
    106. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Juan Pablo Ocegueda
    107. Neuwerld - Freddy Adu
    108. bmo180 - Brian Carroll

    Tenth Round

    109. bmo180 - Chris Wingert
    110. Neuwerld - Ned Grabavoy
    111. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Todd Dunivant
    112. Sebsasour - Brandon McDonald
    113. Harper916 - Chris Schuler
    114. MI-Soccerfan - Will Packwood
    115. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Josh Williams
    116. The Darned United (Hararea) - Jalil Anibaba
    117. Sean... - Bobby Convey
    118 Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Justin Mapp
    119. MLSNHTOWN - Shea Salinas
    120. Balerion - Marvell Wynne

    Eleventh Round

    121. Balerion - Tony Cascio
    122. MLSNHTOWN - Tally Hall
    123. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Carlos Alvarez
    124. Sean... - Dan Kennedy
    125. The Darned United (Hararea) - Andrew Farrell
    126. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Andrew Wooten
    127. MI-Soccerfan - AJ Soares
    128. Harper916 - Kofi Sarkodie
    129. Sebsasour - Bill Hamid
    130. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Zarek Valentin
    131. Neuwerld - Lamar Neagle
    132. bmo180 - Omar Salgado

    Twelfth Round

    133. bmo180 - Gyasi Zardes
    134. Neuwerld - Brian Mullan
    135. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Ben Zemanski
    136. Sebsasour - Marc Burch
    137. Harper916 - Nick Rimando
    138. MI-Soccerfan - Justin Meram
    139. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Eugene Starikov
    140. The Darned United (Hararea) - Drew Moor
    141. Sean... - Gabriel Farfan
    142. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Kevin Alston
    143. MLSNHTOWN - Marc Pelosi
    144. Balerion - Sal Zizzo

    Thirteenth Round

    145. Balerion - Michael Harrington
    146. MLSNHTOWN - Sebastian Lletget
    147. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Steve Clark
    148. Sean... - David Estrada
    149. The Darned United (Hararea) - Collen Warner
    150. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Jose Villareal
    151. MI-Soccerfan - Andy Gruenabaum
    152. Harper916 - Erik Hurtado
    153. Sebsasour - Eric Avila
    154. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Jerome Kiesewetter
    155. Neuwerld - Matt Pickens
    156. bmo180 - Eric Alexander

    Fourteenth Round

    157. bmo180 - Jon Busch
    158. Neuwerld - Justin Braun
    159. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Brian Iloski
    160. Sebsasour - Jonathan Bornstein
    161. Harper916 - Charlie Davies
    162. MI-Soccerfan - Jann George
    163. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Greg Garza
    164. The Darned United (Hararea) - Danny Cruz
    165. Sean... - Gale Agbossoumonde
    166. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Conor Doyle
    167. MLSNHTOWN - Eric Brunner
    168. Balerion - Tommy Meyer

    Fifthteenth Round

    169. Balerion - Antoine Hoppenot
    170. MLSNHTOWN - Brian Ching
    171. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Kamani Hill
    172. Sean... - Mikey Lopez
    173. The Darned United (Hararea) - Stephen McCarthy
    174. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Michael Stephens
    175. MI-Soccerfan - Chris Tierney
    176. Harper916 - Ike Opara
    177. Sebsasour - Tony Taylor
    178. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Sean Cunningham
    179. Neuwerld - Andrew Jacobson
    180. bmo180 - Eriq Zavaleta

    Sixthteenth Round

    181. bmo180 - Logan Pause
    182. Neuwerld - Brandon Barklage
    183. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Jack McBean
    184. Sebsasour - Diego Chavarri
    185. Harper916 - Colin Clark
    186. MI-Soccerfan - Bryan Gerzicich
    187. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Brad Friedel
    188. The Darned United (Hararea) - Troy Perkins
    189. Sean... - Ben Speas
    190. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Zac McMath
    191. MLSNHTOWN - Pablo Mastroeni
    192. Balerion - Tony Tchani

    Seventeenth Round

    193. Balerion - Casey Townsend
    194. MLSNHTOWN - Warren Creavalle
    195. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Jason Hernandez
    196. Sean... - Brad Rusin
    197. The Darned United (Hararea) - Luis Robles
    198. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Walker Zimmerman
    199. MI-Soccerfan - Caleb Patterson-Sewell
    200. Harper916 - Daniel Woolard
    201. Sebsasour - Caleb Stanko
    202. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Hector Jimenez
    203. Neuwerld - Danny O'Rourke
    204. bmo180 - Ryan Meara

    Eighteenth Round

    205. bmo180 - Andrew Jean-Baptiste
    206. Neuwerld - David Bingham
    207. Academìa C.F.(AutoPenalti) - Marcus Hahnemann
    208. Sebsasour - Cody Cropper
    209. Harper916 - Brad Knighton
    210. MI-Soccerfan - Jacob Peterson
    211. Real Soccer FC(soccersubjectively/joe cleats) - Corey Hertzog
    212. The Darned United (Hararea) - Scott Caldwell
    213. Sean... - Joe Cannon
    214. Deportivo Vejete(Mr Martin/deuteronomy) - Ryan Miller
    215. MLSNHTOWN - Tyler Deric
    216. Balerion - Chris Seitz
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  3. Sean...

    Sean... Member

    Jul 23, 2005
    Manchester United FC
    United States
    Copy and paste:






    Bench: Cannon, G. Farfan, Estrada, Agbossoumonde, Lopez, Speas, Rusin.

    This is probably the happiest I've ever been with an assembled team. Imagine how much happier I'd be if I was confident Rogers would play this year. I thought my three round wing of Ashe-Roger-Convey was steal central in an around the 10th round. But, if Rogers plays, I'm overjoyed. If not, I have Gabriel Farfan ready to step in, along with Ben Speas. My goal for the bench was versatility to cover as many positions as possible.

    Goalkeepers: Kennedy, Cannon.
    I get an MLS All-Star and right now, the best American GK in MLS to start. Content. His back-up is one of the most decorated MLS goalskeepers in history, who likely has one strong year ahead of him. Goalkeeping tandems in this draft are usually strong anyway due to it being a position of luxury, but I'm happy with my haul here. Kennedy was my target coming into the draft and I got him so Im happy. Here's hoping Chivas actually have a good season and he gets the credit he deserves.

    Defense: RB: Lichaj CB: Onyewu-Parke, Agbossoumonde, Rusin LB: Ashe, Farfan
    Strengths: The center-back pairing is as good as this draft has. That does hinge on Gooch's fitness and/or playing time. Hopefully he'll get it going in 2013, he's still in his prime years and is athletic enough that his body should allow him to play on into his late 30s. Lichaj and Ashe give me great width at full-back. The starting left-back for the 2011/2012 MLS Cup runner-up Dynamo in the part of the draft I got him was a steal outright. I have strong depth here on the bench also. 'Boss has had a strong pre-season in Toronto as he looks to fulfill his potential in 2013. Farfan, although a midfielder, looks to start the season at LB. Two MLS-starting LBs on my team, not bad.

    Weakness: Gooch's playing time. If he gets it, I'm sorted. If not, it doesn't look all that great for me. I'm hopeful as always. Lichaj's playing time is also a minor issue. But then again, if team's are judged on playing time and exposure, these guys still will be fine compared to other teams.

    Wildcard: I think Lichaj needs a change of scenary to prosper. He's too talented to ride pine at Villa, who are a shambles. He's every bit as gifted as Chandler and at one point looked the heir apparent to Cherundolo. Hope 2013 brings him success eventually. Brad Rusin cold also see a lot of the field for the Whitecaps should their injury prone CBs drop.

    Midfield: RM: Rogers, Farfan, Speas, Estrada CM: Beckerman-Torres, Farfan, Lopez LM: Convey, Farfan, Speas, Estrada

    Strengths: The midfield, in general. I have a strong player at each position. The Beckerman-Torres combo is possibly the draft's best. I have the best CDM in MLS and one of the US's best play-makers who is tearing it up in Mexico right now and is playing some of his best stuff in years and is deservedly back in the national team picture. Out-wide, I am lucky to get Convey in one of the weaker positions in the draft, what's more remarkable is how far he fell. He's scheduled to start for SKC, has put in a strong pre-season and has great targets for that pin-point left foot. Another key strength: Depth, and lots of it. Farfan is my jack of all trades and again, pre-draft, he was a bench priority. Can cover all midfield positions with gusto. Lopez was draft at a weaker position for SKC, but he'll see his best action for the US U20 team in qualifying and hopefully the tournament in Turkey. Estrada can play on the wing, although that's not a preferred thing. Speas give me speed and a constant attacking threat.

    Weakness: One. Robbie Rogers' personal situation. Not my business to comment. I would be happier than most if he makes a return at some point, and on a good Fire team that he could make play-off worthy. He's MLS All-star talent. My team needs him, so here's hoping.

    Wildcard: Rogers is obviously a wildcard, but I've mentioned that. Convey? Although he's a known commodity and I think he will have a good year. I'm going to go with Speas. Entered the league through the Homegrown route, has done well for the Crew in pre-season. Was a college superstar and no reason why he cant show that in 2013 on a Crew team that needs his explosivness. Keep an eye on him.

    Forwards: Altidore-Bunbury, Estrada, Speas
    Strengths: I have the honour of having the best American forward in the draft on my team. Jozy is bustin' out all over this season. Breaking records and such is his future. I'm predicting a big summer move. He's a beast, I sincerely hope Jurgen sees sense and put him in a system where the ball can be got to him in qualifying or we're doomed. I have a few forwards that I think, in real-life, would work well in a system.

    Weakness': Perhaps lack of start depth. In that Estrada is good, but not mind-blowing, and Speas is probably a better player than him, but hasnt had the exposure just yet. Bunbury's fitness is a concern but he'll sort that out. If SKC start the season strong and he finds himself frozen out a bit, a mid-season trade would be good for him to a team that needs his talent.

    Wildcard: All bar Altidore. Bunbury can put this team over if he gets healthy and score bundles. Estrada is part of a crowded team but has shown he can put that ball in the net. Speas will get a shot in Columbus, he needs to seize it. If even one of the three scenarios happens, I'm golden.
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  4. Hararea

    Hararea Member+

    Jan 21, 2005
    Another copy-paste?

    The Darned United

    Starters Terrence Boyd, Juan Agudelo
    Backups Conor Casey
    Other options Rolfe

    Boyd and Agudelo are almost certainly the most talented pair of forwards in the draft. Both are very young, however, so Conor Casey is on hand to back them up.

    Wide Midfielders
    Starters Fabian Johnson, Chris Rolfe
    Backups Danny Cruz
    Other options Farfan, Evans, Warner

    Johnson can race up and down his flank, while Rolfe is a threat to come inside and score. Both are very quick and a handful for defenders.

    Central Midfielders
    Starters Michael Farfan, Brad Evans, Franz Beckenbauer
    Backups Collen Warner, Scott Caldwell
    Other options Rolfe, Farrell, Orozco, McCarthy

    Farfan is highly skilled yet doesn't short-change you with his work rate, while Evans is everywhere you need him to be. Beckenbauer, obviously a bit of a surprise there.

    Back Line, Left to Right
    Starters AJ DeLaGarza, Michael Orozco, Drew Moor, Andrew Farrell
    Backups Jalil Anibaba, Stephen McCarthy
    Other options Fab Johnson

    An unspectacular but capable group. Three of the six have been capped by the national team, and the other three are all young defenders on the rise. Collectively, if they have any particular strength, it's their ability to shift positions and cover for one another.

    Starter Troy Perkins
    Backup Luis Robles

    Perkins and Robles both have good European experience and are currently in their prime. They figure to be two of the better starters in MLS this year.

    Heading into the year, I feel like I've got a strong attack, with goalscorers and set-up men who can combine in a variety of ways. And if my team is going to be one of the better ones, it will rely on that attack, since my defense is pretty average.
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    MLSNHTOWN Member+

    Oct 27, 1999
    Houston, TX
    There should be a post with the picks of each of the teams for people that weren't following/tracking the draft. Regardless here is my team:

    1. General Bradley
    2. Super Wondo
    3. Chris PartyBoy Pontius
    4. Eddie The Keeper" Gaven
    5. Perry the Kitchen Sink
    6. Austin "Rookie of the Year" Berry
    7. Jay "The Story" Demerit
    8. You've Got No Chance Myers
    9. Connor "The mighty midget" Lade
    10. Shea "The Marquez career killer" Salinas
    11. Tally "The Wall" Hall
    12. Marc "The promise" Pelosi
    13. Sebastian "The Leg" Lleget
    14. Eric "El Gigante" Brunner
    15. Brian "ChinGolazo" Ching
    16. Pablo "The Maestro" Mastroeni
    17. Warren "Kid N' Play" Creavalle
    18. Tyler "Law Dog Don't Go 'Round Here" Deric

    My most likely starting XI:

    Bench: Marc Pelosi, Sebastian Lleget, Eric Brunner, Brian Ching, Pablo Mastroeni, Warren Creavalle, Tyler Deric
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  6. deuteronomy

    deuteronomy Member+

    Aug 12, 2008
    Carolina City, NC
    Los Leones FC
    United States
    Here is how Deuteronomy and Mr Martin plan on managing Deportivo Vejete:

    Our core lineup will most likely be a 4-2-3-1, but a classic box midfield 4-2-2-2 is also an option, and we feel we can adapt to many different lineups as needed. We made many of our roster selections in order to provide maximum flexibility and versatility. We have many great attackers, many high-quality midfielders, a highly professional defensive unit, and outstanding depth.

    Core 4-2-3-1 Option A:
    ------------------------Alan Gordon-------------------------
    Eddie Johnson---Landon Donovan---Alejandro Bedoya
    ---------------Rico Clark-------Mo Edu--------------------
    Seth Sinovic--------------------------------Kevin Alston
    ---------------Tim Ream----Zak Whitbread----------------
    -------------------------Steve Clark--------------------------

    4-2-2-2 Option B:
    ------------------Eddie Johnson-------Alan Gordon-------------
    ------------Landon Donovan-----------Alejandro Bedoya-------
    ----------------------Rico Clark-------Mo Edu---------------------
    Seth Sinovic------------------------------------------Kevin Alston
    -------------------Tim Ream----Zak Whitbread------------------
    ------------------------------Steve Clark----------------------------

    Zac McMath,Justin Mapp, Carlos Alvarez, Conor Doyle, Kamani Hill, Jason Hernandez, Ryan Miller.

    Strikers:Gordon, EJ, Donovan, Doyle, and Hill. Some serious goal production in this group, plus speed, power, experience, youth, and just a massive number of options up top to play 1, 2, or even 3 forwards as needed.

    Attacking Midfield:Donovan, Bedoya, EJ, Mapp, Alvarez, Doyle and Hill. Donovan has been the ideal attacking midfielder for the US for so long, that most of us can hardly remember what it was like before him. EJ has put in some good shifts as a LM/wing for the US recently, returning to the Nat's with a bang. Bedoya and Mapp can play outside or inside, and Mapp is really a key player as our 12th Man ready to start at any time. Alvarez is a rookie, but as the #2 draft pick, he's a rare American #10 who should see a lot of minutes in MLS and be an ideal ball handling, distributing substitute for us. Doyle and Hill can play either striker, wing, or attacking outside midfield if needed. We have the talent and numbers to play 2, 3, or even 4 attacking mids whenever we want.

    Defensive Midfield:Edu and Clark, plus Ream or Bedoya in a pinch. We feel like we have the best pair of DMs of any team. Edu is arguably the #1 US DM at the moment, and Rico Clark is #3 or #4 in our view. These two are going to be a real backbone for us, and are going to eat up a ton of ground and cause opposing CMs relentless trouble. It would have been nice to get a 3d true DM, but if Edu or Clark ever need a rest, we can shift things around and play with only 1 DM in any given situation. Ream has also played some DM for Bolton, and Bedoya could fill in as a #8, too.

    Back Line:Ream, Whitbread, Sinovic, Alston, Hernandez, and Miller. We have 6 starters for 4 spots here. Ream may be the best passing CB in the US pool. He and Whitbread are Championship starters. We have an extremely mobile trio of outside backs. Arguably this group is as solid and deep a back line as you will find. Hernandez can start whenever Ream or Whitbread need a break, and Miller will push Alston for the starting RB spot. Miller also played CB and LB in Sweden, so this 28 year old is a quality back all across the line. And if we ever need to play a 3-man line, Ream, Whitbread, Hernandez, or Miller can all fill those roles.

    Keeper: Clark and McMath. Two starters here as well. Clark was Norway's Keeper of the Year in 2012, and has tremendous quickness and reflexes. McMath is a US Youth Nat's regular and proven MLS starter in Philly.

    It's just a great mix of players. We've got midfield workers, outside backs who can run all day, speed, power and muscle, good passers, ball handlers, proven defenders, quality keepers, and plenty of scorers. We've got loads of experience, but we are hardly an old team, as only Donovan, EJ, and Gordon are 30 years or older. We've got three young players, but most of the team is in it's prime between ages 24 and 30 and ready to play now, in 2013.

    17 of our players are already professionals and 15 of our 18 picks are 1st team starters. 15 of our players have played on a US National or Youth National Team, or have at least been called into a National Team camp. Half our team has made various League All-Star selections. Donovan, Clark, Gordon, Eddie Johnson and Ream have been MLS top XI. Edu was the number 1 draft pick and MLS Rookie of the Year.

    Thanks in large part to Landon Donovan's amazing career, Deportivo Vejete probably has more National Team Caps, more international goals and assists, and better professional scoring than any of the other Draft Teams. But it isn't just Donovan. Eddie Johnson, Mo Edu, Rico Clark, Alan Gordon, and Justin Mapp have all scored or assisted with the Senior team, Kamani Hill, Conor Doyle, and Zak Whitbread have scored or assisted for Youth National teams, and most of our field players have contributed to professioanl goal scoring.

    We believe we have a top starting XI. We believe we have substantially the most depth and especially versatile, highly professional depth. We like the flexibility and options to adapt as needed. The puzzle pieces all fit into place.
  7. ImaPuppy

    ImaPuppy Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 10, 2009
    Using too many parentheses
    Houston Dynamo
    American Samoa
    I vote for Deuts and Martin. Their CDM pairing of Rico and Edu would be too much to break down imo. I also think Gordon would be scoring just about every game in this formation...and I don't even rate him. Also I think they'd be good managers IRL, so there it is.

    I do worry about Whitbread and Ream, but again I think that CDM pairing would rarely get broken down and thus the 2 CBs wouldn't be under much pressure against most of the other lineups.

    Picks that make you go "hmm" goes to Autopenalti. Interesting!
  8. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    Thanks for the kind words. I would just ask you to vote after everyone gets a chance to post their lineups. But then feel free to vote for our team! :thumbsup:
  9. bmo180

    bmo180 Member+

    Jan 25, 2012
    I thought the voting was later?

    Anyways heres our team:


    Subs: Eric Alexander, Omar Salgado, Gyasi Zardes, Logan Pause, Eriq Zavaleta, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Ryan Meara

    If we want a more possession based lineup we can slide Alexander into the middle too

    We have a rock solid D, and tons of pace & skill and will be deadly on the counter attack.

    Strikers: Johannson, Wenger, Zardes, Salgado, Zavaleta. Johannsonn is one of the best American goalscorers period, he led the Danish league in scoring and just got a move to AZ Alkmaar. He's got great pace, positioning, finishing, pretty good on the ball and can even drop back as a playmaker or play as a left winger. Wenger impressed last year and scored 4 goals in limited PT due to injuries, school and the coaches formation. Expect him to have a bigger role this year like he will with our team, and in this system he could be a beast. He offers a big stronger target, and also has good pace and athleticisim. Salgado, Zardes and Zavaleta have high potential.

    Midfield: Luis Silva, Nick DeLeon, Josh Gatt, Brian Carroll, Eric Alexander, Logan Pause, Amobi Okugo. Silva is already one of the best CAMs in the MLS, he is a good playmaker and goalscorer, he will be feeding Aron and Wenger. DeLeon can also slot into the CAM role, sometimes he moves there for DC and often comes inside and threads some nice through balls and has some nice link up play. DeLeon will typically be on the left wing though. Both our wingers will work back and make tackles and add plenty to the attack with their speed and skill. Carroll will do the dirty work and break up attacks, Pause will back him up and Alexander is the utility guy who can play almost anywhere, and will be used as a 3rd CM if we want to play a more possession based game. Okugo can also slot in as a CM, and Salgado will also be a backup LW.

    Defense: Omar Gonzalez, Amobi Okugo, Steven Beitashour, Chris Wingert, Pause, Jean-Baptise, Zavaleta. We have a great defense anchored by former MLS Defender of the year, Finals MVP and US International Omar Gonzalez. Amobi Okugo will compliment him perfectly with his pace and passing, and he finished the 2012 season in great form as a CB. Beitashour is one of the best American RBs who has been called up to the NT a couple times, solid defender who will get forward and provide excellent service. Wingert is a rock solid LB who isn't flashy but is a really good defender who has been one of the best in MLS for a long time. Pause can cover at RB, and Jean-Baptiste and Zavaleta are 2 high potential CBs, Wenger may even also be able to slot in as a CB.

    Goalkeeper:Jon Busch, Ryan Meara. Former MLS GK of the year Jon Busch is coming off a great season. Meara was off to a great start before his injury, if he can get back into form when he heals up he could take the starting job from Busch
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  10. Hararea

    Hararea Member+

    Jan 21, 2005
    Ranking the four teams that have posted so far, apart from my own.

    1. MLSNHTOWN - With such a strong and well balanced starting XI, it heads into the year as a clear favorite. The one significant weakness I'd point to is that there aren't many dependable players on the bench. Injuries could become a major headache for this team.

    2. Deuteronomy and Mr Martin - For as much as I continue to have some misgivings about the composition of this team, I feel like they've covered their bases pretty well, in particular by adding Hernandez and Ryan Miller in the late rounds. Ream and Whitbread would be better described as "occasional Championship starters," though. :)

    3. bmo180 (with ElevenBravo) - Looking at that starting line-up, I see plenty of good players, but five of them are entirely attackers and six entirely defenders. Which is to say, no real midfield, a concern that's compounded by Brian Carroll at dmid, who had a poor 2012 and may be showing the signs of age. I do like the Eric Alexander pick on the bench, but I'm still not convinced that the pieces are going to fit.

    4. Sean - Rogers' departure opens a huge crack in this team. Two of his possible replacements at right mid are a left back and a guy who played a total of 64 minutes last season. And now, Sean needs Bobby Convey to have a good year, which is still possible but far from a safe bet. Add Onyewu and Bunbury to the list of question marks, and this team enters the year in limbo in spite of having a lot of potential.

    To point out, I feel like all four of these teams drafted well. Every team is going to have strengths and weaknesses, and I'm just trying to explain why I rank them the way I do, not criticize anyone's choices.
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  11. bmo180

    bmo180 Member+

    Jan 25, 2012
    I wouldnt call DeLeon and Gatt entirely attacking, both track back alot, Gatt played RB in 2011 and DeLeon often would sit back and let Najar get forward last year. Silva may not be a great tackler but he has a pretty high workrate too
  12. Balerion

    Balerion Member+

    Aug 5, 2006
    Somerville, MA
    United States
    Some stats from the draft:

    Picks by league

    MLS -- 153 (70.83%)
    England -- 15 (6.94%) [10 EPL, 5 Champ]
    Germany -- 14 (6.48%) [8 1.BL, 6 2.BL]
    Mexico -- 10 (4.63%)
    Norway -- 4 (1.85%)
    Denmark -- 3 (1.39%)
    Netherlands -- 2 (0.93%)
    Portugal -- 2 (0.93%)
    Spain -- 2 (0.93%) [1 Primera, 1 Segunda]
    HS -- 2 (0.93%)
    Austria -- 1 (0.46%)
    Belgium -- 1 (0.46%)
    Israel -- 1 (0.46%)
    Italy -- 1 (0.46%)
    Peru -- 1 (0.46%)
    Russia -- 1 (0.46%)
    Sweden -- 1 (0.46%)
    Turkey -- 1 (0.46%)
    retired -- 1 (0.46%)
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  13. Balerion

    Balerion Member+

    Aug 5, 2006
    Somerville, MA
    United States
    Picks by Club

    1 ---- 13 -- Los Angeles Galaxy
    2 ---- 12 -- Philadelphia Union
    T-3 -- 11 -- Houston Dynamo, Sporting Kansas City
    5 ---- 10 -- San Jose Earthquakes
    T-6 -- 9 --- Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake
    T-8 -- 8 --- Columbus Crew, New England Revolution, New York Red Bulls
    T-11 - 7 --- Chicago Fire, D.C. United, FC Dallas, Seattle Sounders, Vancouver Whitecaps
    T-16 - 6 --- Montreal Impact, Portland Timbers
    18 --- 4 --- Chivas USA
    T-19 - 3 --- Club Tijuana, Toronto FC
    T-21 - 2 --- 1860 Munich, Aston Villa, AZ Alkmaar, Birmingham City, Hertha Berlin, Molde FK, Puebla, Santos Laguna, Stoke City, Tigres UANL, Tottenham Hotspur, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
    T-33 - 1 --- numerous

    Edit: Realized I forgot to account for the Ben Zemanski trade.
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  14. Balerion

    Balerion Member+

    Aug 5, 2006
    Somerville, MA
    United States
    Drafting Teams by MLS-ness

    16 -- Neuwerld, bmo180
    15 -- MLSNHTOWN, Hararea, Harper916
    14 -- Balerion
    13 -- Deportivo Vejete, Sean...
    11 -- Real Soccer FC
    9 -- Sebsasour, AutoPenalti
    8 -- MI-Soccerfan

    An interesting amount of disparity here. Some comments and questions:

    1. Why does MI-Soccerfan hate America?

    2. AutoPenalti's number is a little misleading because it includes two domestic non-MLS players.

    3. Neuwerld's roster may be largely MLS, but it only includes three Earthquakes!

    4. bmo180 cried poor with regard to his MLS knowledge, claiming to be a relatively new follower of the league. However, he only took two foreign-based players, so he may have been sandbagging us!

    5. Sebsasour had an interesting draft pattern; he started his draft with four foreign-based players, selected his 9 MLS players, and then finished the draft with five foreign-based players.
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  15. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    I like how this is a coherent team, with a logical starting XI and a bench that provides logical depth in most areas. Altidore is an absolute beast right now for AZ and we considered him as a possible #3 pick rather than Donovan (but in the end Donovan's track record, his ability to both create and score goals, his prime age of 30 and his promise to play in 2013 cast the die toward him over the gifted Altidore). Kennedy is an ace keeper and I really like the outside backs. Beckerman is one of the top 3-5 DMs in the US pool.

    The likely loss of Rogers is a big blow, however, and Onyewu remains a risk. Last year my team got hammered by Onyewu's injury right after we drafted him, and then Ihemelu's serious concussion problems starting in May was a second dagger into our backbone. With 18-man rosters teams become fragile very quickly!

    I think Convey will have a solid rebound season (and we also considered taking him), but there are some risks with that pick, too. Plus, Bunbury's status as a regular starter is also uncertain. Sean is going to need somebody to step up and fill Roger's shoes, and hope that none of the spots filled by Onyewu, Convey, and Bunbury spring leaks. Agbossomonde remains a talented enigma, and may end up behind the undrafted Califf for much of the 2013 season, but Rusin provides some additional CB cover. Also, Beckerman is going to carry a huge midfield load, with Lopez providing potential as a young rookie backup.

    It's an appealing, coherent team, but with too many potential leaks to be a contender.
  16. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    This team is solid from top to bottom, with appealing starters and good depth.

    The Boyd+Agudelo tandum up top is so talented and so appealing. And I think Casey will have a good season for Philly and might even push one of the kids as a starter (too bad he wasn't ready to contribute much last year when I drafted him!). Rolfe is a very useful 4th striker option, too.

    Fabian Johnson as a wide midfielder is one of the big debates on BS. I'm not sold, but I know why its tempting to put him there. The good thing is that between Evans and Cruz, there is solid MLS-level depth in case the experiment doesn't work out. Farfan plays for my local team and I wish him well, but the combo of Farfan and Evans isn't going to scare many of the other midfields in this year's Draft. Solid, solid, solid, but not much more than that. I do like Warner as a nice backup DM.

    Have you noticed how many CB's your team has? ;) I think you will get dependable defensive play from this group, but no standouts. Anibaba may be the better starting option over the rookie Farrell, but Farrell will surely get his chance to show what he's got for the Revs this year. McCarthey is another solid backup option who can also fill in as a DM. And you have two nice keepers, too.

    This will be a hard-working team, hard to break down, and able to withstand any surprise injuries or loss of playing form, and with the talented kids up top, always a danger to score. Have I mentioned the word "solid" yet? :thumbsup:
  17. Balerion

    Balerion Member+

    Aug 5, 2006
    Somerville, MA
    United States


    Bench: Seitz, Harrington, Meyer, Tchani, Zizzo, Hoppenot, Townsend

    The success of my team depends on how well the depth of my attack fares in 2013. You know what you are going to get with Dempsey. Will Bruin had a very strong 2012 and may well take another step forward in his third professional season. On the other hand, Wood and Cascio are risks. I tried to hedge my bets with a solid depth pick like Zizzo, who may well finish the year in my starting lineup.

    LaBrocca and Larentowicz isn't the sexiest midfield partnership by any stretch, but they are both solid MLS players who will provide some solid defense. I'd imagine Larentowicz would sit slightly deeper in this configuration.

    I like my defense. It is slightly deficient in the height department, but I think it's above average in speed and especially in quickness. I also have the best goalkeeper in the pool, which shouldn't be overlooked.
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  18. MI-Soccerfan

    MI-Soccerfan Member+

    Jan 19, 2012
    Tottenham Hotspur FC
    United States
    Hey now, I don't hate America. I just hate the mls :)
  19. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    This team has several players who I really liked and would have been happy to draft -- Bradley, Pontius, Gaven, Berry, Demerit, Hall, Kitchen. Bradley in particular was the player I coveted, but when the draw left me with the #3 pick, I figured he'd be gone with either #1 or #2 this year. Also, Wondo saved my team last year, scoring like crazy and helping to somewhat offset all those defensive injury issues I had. I think the starting XI is as good as any team's XI, maybe even as good as Deportivo Vejete. ;)

    Lade and Salinas are still borderline MLS starters in my mind, but the rest of the XI is first rate, and I don't think Lade or Salinas will hurt this lineup at all. It all fits together in a very logical, appealing whole.

    I do think the bench depth has some gambles and risks, though. The Pelosi injury is the kind of sucky blow that hits draft teams every year, but even so, he's not yet proven to be a 1st teamer. Same for Lletget, who is still trying to show that he belongs on a 1st team. Taking either Pelosi or Lletget makes sense to me, but not both, which seems redundant and too risky. The fact that aging (turns 37 in August) Mastro is the only other CM, and coming off his own injury issues from last year, leaves this team very vulnerable behind Bradley and Kitchen.

    Brunner was an excellent bench pickup. I really don't know much about Creavalle and Deric, but they seem like solid defensive and keeper depth options. Ching's form this year will be interesing to watch, and he could be either an ideal forward sub or an aging liability. Classy player, though.

    In a nutshell, a terrific, first rate XI, but the midfield and attacking depth is very thin and has worries. A true contender in our imaginary league.
  20. AutoPenalti

    AutoPenalti Nice catch, kid!

    Sep 26, 2011
    Coconut Creek
    United States
    GOALKEEPERS (2): Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Marcus Hahnemann (Seattle Sounders)
    DEFENDERS (6): John Anthony Brooks (Hertha BSC), Juan Pablo Ocegueda (C.D. Guadalajara), Matt Hedges (FC Dallas), Todd Dunivant (LA Galaxy), Zarek Valentin (Montreal Impact), Sean Cunningham (Molde)
    MIDFIELDERS (4): Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Hector Jimenez (LA Galaxy), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Ben Zemanski (Portland Timbers)
    FORWARDS (6): Benji Joya (Santos Laguna), Joe Gyau (St. Pauli), Rubio Rubin (Portland Timbers), Brian Iloski (San Diego Surf), Jerome Kiesewetter (Stuttgart), Jack McBean (LA Galaxy)
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  21. Mr Martin

    Mr Martin Member+

    Jun 12, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
    United States
    I love the young offensive talent on this team. Early 20's, fast, assertive attackers. This should be a fun team. And the backs are young and talented, too. Goalkeeping is fine, Alexander and Pause provide quality, experienced depth. Zavaleta is gifted, but may need a couple of years to establish which role he's best at as a pro, just like Wenger last year -- interesting that both would end up drafted by the same team in our game. Jean-Baptiste may end up as a real steal if he becomes a regular starter in 2013. Salgado remains an enigma and Zardes is an unknown. But there are not too many risks, and some potentially high reward.

    Obviously, the biggest risk/reward player here is Johannson (see "Treaty of"). He could be gold and really make this team hum. Or, if he chooses to play a game with Iceland this year, there is suddenly a huge hole in the lineup, similar to losing a starter to a serious injury.

    This team could end up battling for 1st place, or if a couple of the gambles don't produce, it could drop out of the top half. The most interesting risk/reward team of the Draft, I think.
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  22. MI-Soccerfan

    MI-Soccerfan Member+

    Jan 19, 2012
    Tottenham Hotspur FC
    United States
    What I enjoy about my team is the versatility that I have. While i have a few formations and starters in mind, I truly believe with my team there would be a lot of opportunity to change game to game based on matchups

    But here is a couple of ideas





    4-4-2 Skinny Diamond




    Bench: Jann George, Justin Meram, Jacob Peterson, Will Packwood, Chris Tierney, Bryan Gerzicih, Caleb Patterson-Sewell

    Strengths: Clearly the strength of my team lies in central midfield. Jones, Kljestan, O'Brien and Gerzicich are all top notch central midfielders that also provide versatility in how they are deployed. Based on match ups I have the ability to go defensive or offensive int he central midfield

    Weaknesses: The weakness here is at forward. If Edson Buddle has a bounce back year then this alleviates concerns but that is a big question mark at this point in time. Magee, Meram, and Peterson can all play as 2nd strikers but I see all of them more as attacking midfielders. Jann George has a load of talent but at this point could not carry the load if Buddle went down or does not bounce back

    I am going to do a positional breakdown at this point based on the 4-3-3 but moving forward may change my mind on the best formation for this team.

    Strikers: Edson Buddle, Jann George, Jacob Peterson
    Buddle will highlight this unit. He is the big body who can hold up the ball and connect play with the wingers and central midfield. He also has a knack for finding the back of the net and we are expecting him to have a comeback year for the Rapid this season. Jann George provides speed off the bench and a high work rate. George would come in and play the role of a poacher for this team. Peterson is a player that can play striker or winger for our team.

    Wingers: Joe Corona, Mike Magee, Justin Meram
    We love the players we have at winger. Corona is a young creative player who can move all over the field for us. Magee and Meram are workhorses who can provide good service from the flanks but are also capable of pinching in and finding the back of the net. Magee has been a workhorse for the Galaxy and Meram had a good season off the bench for the Crew last year. Good speed, good passing and good finishing makes for good wing play and that is what we have here

    Central Midfield: Jermaine Jones, Sacha Kljestan, Conor O'Brien, Bryan Gerzicich
    Pull 3 of these 4 names out of a hat and plug them in and you will have the best central midfield in this draft. All 4 of these players are playing at a high level and can rotate through the positions in the central midfield. Jermaine Jones has been a rock at Schalke and for the Nats. He has been playing as an 8 but for us he would be the designated 6 who cleans up everything in front of the defense and gets the ball forward quickly for the attack. Gerzicich would also mainly play the 6 for us. He is a good defensive midfielders who is positionally sound and makes the smart play with the ball. Kljestan and O'brien would play as duo 8's with Jones rotating in at that spot. O'Brien and Kljestan are both in great form at their clubs and are able to score from distance and break down defenses with searching balls that play their teammates in.

    Fullbacks: Jonathan Spector, Sheanon Williams, Chris Tierney
    My fullbacks are all solid defensive players who can get forward and play a good ball in. In Spector we get a workhorse who has experience in England and for the National team. Spector can play all over the field us, is a good defender, and is excellent in service. Sheanon Williams is a youngster who is coming in to his own. He should see the field a lot this year and we expect him to have a big year for the Union. In Tierney we have a versatile player who can play on both sides of the field, is a free kick specialist, and always finds himself with a few assists each season.

    Centerbacks: Clarence Goodson, Aj Soares, Will Packwood, Jon Spector
    If Packwood was healthy I would love my centerbacks. However I am happy with Goodson and Soares. Goodson provides experience and leadership, is good in the air, and is positionally sound. Soares is a player who pairs well next to Goodson. Speed will give them some fits but their positonal ability should be able to mask that for the most part. Neither are great passers out of the back but that is not what will be expected of them. The central midfield will come back to pick up the ball and start the attack

    Keepers: Andy Gruenebaum, Caleb Patterson-Sewell
    Gruenebaum is one of the top keepers in the mls. He had a great season for Colombus last year and we expect himt o have another stellar year. Patterson-Sewell is a young kid playing in La Liga in Portugal. He at the curent time is a backup but he had loads of talent and potential and we would expect him to be solid if called upon.
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  23. bmo180

    bmo180 Member+

    Jan 25, 2012
    all really good teams except for 1 imo, not counting mine, my rankings would go:

    1. Martin/Deut & MLSNHTOWN- Cant decide between those 2, both really good all around, but not a fan of Ream or Lade, both are really mistake prone. I'm a NY fan and think Lade should be a winger really
    3. MI-Soccerfan- Need Buddle to produce, I think he will bounce back. Maybe not the best width but definitely the best passing team in the draft, and his mids can all win the ball back too except for maybe Magee..Not a fan of Goodson though
    4. Balerion- Deuce, Howard, Bruin and Besler is a really good core. Solid defense, best GK, lots of goals between Deuce, Bruin. Cascio could have a nice yr, and a solid holding mid duo.
    5. Sean..- Solid all around team, could use some better cover for Gooch though, and losing Rogers will hurt
    6. Hareara- D could be a little weak, I dont really rate Orozco, and Farrell is unproven and may be a CB. Otherwise I really like it
    7. Autopenalti- ...I like the Hedges-Brooks pairing alot anyway
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  24. Harper916

    Harper916 Member+

    Mar 30, 2001
    Lake Charles, La.
    FC Dallas
    United States
    Here are a couple of line-ups for my team. I have the starters in the 4-3-3 in bold with their back-ups under them. The back-ups for the 4-4-2 would be similar.


    (C. Clark/Hurtado) ------------(Zusi/Nguyen/Hurtado)
    (Woolard) -(Pearce) -------(Opara)--- (Morales)



    GK- Rimando, Knighton

    DF- John, Pearce, Schuler, Sarkodie, Opara, Woolard

    MF- Zusi, Holden, McCarty, Morales, Nguyen, Hurtado, C. Clark

    FW- Sapong, Findley, Davies

    FWDS: While I don't have the strongest group of forwards, I feel like I have a good group with the potential to be one of the strongest groups by the end of the year. Sapong has had two good seasons with SKC and should be starting somewhere along their front three. With a good start to the season I could see him with a Gold Cup call-up. Findley and Davies are both looking to get their careers back on track, with Findley back at RSL and Davies at Randers. I'm hoping at least one of them can do that.

    MF: I feel like I have a strong deep group with a mix of young players and players entering their prime. Zusi has cemented a place on the national team, McCarty was one of the top center mids in MLS last year(and is still only 25), Nguyen showed a ton of skill in his first year in MLS, Morales is playing for Hertha Berlin(who looks like a lock to be promoted), C. Clark should get decent pt at LA, and Hurtado is a first round draft pick with good potential. Last but not least Holden is finally back to playing for Bolton. He has yet to make a first team appearance in league play, but if he can get back to pre-injury form, I'll have one of the best center mids in the draft.

    DF: I'm very happy with my defense. The only one in this group that is not a regular starter for their club is Opara, and with SKC's schedule, he should get a decent amount of playing time. I'm hoping that George John gets a call-up to the Gold Cup. He's a very good center back and pretty underrated by a lot of people imo. If any of you watch any FCD games, keep an eye on him. My other center back, Schuler, is going into his first season as a starter with RSL. On the left I have Pearce, who can also play in the middle, and Woolard, who is a starter at DC. Sarkodie is on the right and he was a very good and dangerous attacking right back for Houston last year, beating out Andre Hainault for the starting spot mid season. Backing him up is Morales.

    GK: Rimando is my number one and is consistently one of the top keepers in MLS. Backing him up is Brad Knighton who looks to be going into the season as Vancouvers number one.

    Overall I am very happy with how my team turned out. I'm especially happy with my midfield. I feel like I have a good mix of strong tacklers and a lot of technical ability. This draft was a lot of fun and there was some good discussion going on throughout.
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  25. deuteronomy

    deuteronomy Member+

    Aug 12, 2008
    Carolina City, NC
    Los Leones FC
    United States
    Several random thoughts about this process.

    1. We were very blessed to have one of the top three picks( Donovan) to build our team around.
    2. I admired the way that those who did not have one of these top three, went about their selections.
    3. The big question Mr. Martin and I had was to select Rico Clark with our fifth selection. We had already selected Mo Edu with our third pick, but believed he was the best player.
    4. We liked the attacking options we selected,throughout, and were particularly pleased with Conor Doyle and Kamani Hill with our 14th and 15th picks.
    5. We grappled with drafting a player we needed (like an outside back) or going with a better attacker and waiting to fill the need.
    6. Pleased at the end to have gotten Jason Hernandez and Ryan Miller, two solid MLS'ers.
    7. It goes without saying that Mr. Martin was an excellent partner and early he could almost predict the next players drafted.
    8. We believe our selections from our 10th through the 18th made the difference in our squad.
    9. It was one of the fun experiences, I have enjoyed on BigSoccer.

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