Premier League Pickem (& a Slow Draft App)

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    I originally jumped in here to promote my Premier League Pickem game above, and would still like to welcome anyone interested.

    3 points for the correct result
    1 point for a correct team score
    +1 more point for a perfect game (both scores, and subsequently the result)

    Forgive me if this board is only for the Premier League's game and these subsequent leagues. But, in that case...

    When I noticed the message board drafts going on, I realized I may be able to offer my services.

    I run the entire website of the game linked above. The title is the All-Sports Fantasy League and subsequently, I run a number of fantasy games. Currently about half the games are handled by Yahoo! and half are handled on the website as I work toward moving more games from Yahoo! to the website. [Not important, just back story]

    There are also subsections of the website for All-Star, Keeper & Money Leagues (of the four major North American leagues). Originally, I used message board drafts to offer a slow draft format for people that couldn't otherwise agree on a draft time, but have since created an application. I should be able to modify it for use with these leagues next season if desired, with some help.

    Here's an example slow draft from Fantasy Baseball in 2010: and a guide to the draft's features:

    Aside from the features, the system sends email alerts when a pick comes up and confirmation when any action is done to the system.

    The help I'd need is someone creating an excel file of the players available and the needed pieces of data for each of them as well as setting up the information on managers in any league using the application. Beyond that, I'd simply need to have the time to do it tweak the system files.

    If those involving in running the drafts are interested, let me know. Sorry I didn't discover these in time for this season.

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