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Discussion in 'Statistics and Analysis' started by vividox, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Hey guys. As it currently stands, there is no stand alone query-able database on MLS statistics (that I am aware of, at least). Although, there are probably hundreds of independently created partial databases out there in hundreds of different formats. I would like to take on (or at least help orchestrate) the monumental task of consolidating this information into one place for public use.

    The information in this database would look something like this:


    (This would be one match's worth of data. It's organized one line per player, and reads as if it is databasing player based statistics. Team statistics could easily be extrapolated by creating a sum query on the team field.)

    Organizing the data this way allows you to do whatever kind of query you want: player stats, team stats, goal stats, goalkeeper stats, etc. It's also 100% searchable, all the data is in one table, etc. The stats themselves (shots, SOGs, FCs, etc) aren't mind blowing or anything, this is simply a matter of having them all in one place that can easily be manipulated. Additional fields could easily be added in the future.

    So, the two biggest problems I have for a project like this is (1) finding the information and (2) populating the database with it. includes all of the above information in its stats section for recent matches, but this level of detail only goes back to the start of 2011. Climbing The Ladder (@scaryice) has tons of this information going all the way back to 1996, but it doesn't include all the stats (like CK, FC, FS, etc) and it isn't nearly as database-friendly as I'm going for.

    So let's start with a couple of questions:

    1) How easy/hard is it going to be to find this level of detail all the way back to 1996?
    2) Does this information already exist someplace I'm just not finding? Is this a total waste of my time?
    3) Does anyone have any additional input? Does anyone want to help?

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    Great Idea

    I know there access to box scores and game commentary from 2007 to the current season although not on the site and doesn't include does specific stats

    The old MLS soccer site and some archive data but I believe they removed that data when they joined up with OPTA as OPTA sees statistics as an exclusive property so will not make any data available unless they have complete control over it.

    I been doing a MLS database since 1996 but have done most of my work live and unfortunately I recorded only cumulative data not game-by-game box scores. Even in that process in QA'ing and finishing that project I had to get access to info from sources like Microfiche as I couldn't find everything I needed online.

    You might be able to access a big chunk of that info using the Wayback Play Machine archive although the site is not as good as it once was so not sure how much data is available and the process of collection would be quite tedious.
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    I run and would be happy to collaborate with anyone who wants to maintain a site like this.

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