Prospect Lists for Major European Football Leagues

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    Something I been working on and recently posted on my blog. Using scouting reports as well as the success rate of similar type of players this is my top 100 prospects for Major European Football Leagues for the current 2011-2012 season. To qualify players must be under 20 years (born prior to 1.1.92) and can not be a regular in the top two divisions.

    Value is based on physical attributes, positive press by media and clubs, personal success in youth and reserve leagues and perceived transfer value (a formula put together by Infostrada Sport in Holland and used by sites such as and finally my own personal thoughts.

    England Football League -
    Italian Football League -
    Spanish Football League -
    French Football League -
    German Football League -

    And for comparison this was my MLS pre-draft prospect list (although many players are older than 20) -


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