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    Hey boys and girls,
    It has been great to see more and more people coming to O'Brien's for the viewing parties. We had 2 TV vans (NBC and CBS) on Wednesday. Finally we got to mention AO San Diego on TV (aired live so they can't edit it!). I'm thinking more TV stations will show up tomorrow, considering it is an important game, and also it is on a Saturday afternoon.

    June 26th
    USA vs. Ghana, 11:30am
    AO SD viewing party at O'Brien's
    Pub opens at 6:45am for the 7am game (Uruguay vs. S. Korea).
    Light breakfast from open- 9am
    Full breakfast 9am- 10:30am
    Lunch after 11am

    We expect a full capacity way before the kickoff. Please show up early if you want to grab a table. When the tables are all taken it will be standing room only.

    Great to see many sports bars opening up early for the WC games too. Saw many clips on youtube (reaction to Donovan goal) all around San Diego bars. Many in PB/ OB area. Good to know casual US fans are showing up.

    See you guys tomorrow. GO USA!!

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