Soccer help in Melbourne???

Discussion in 'Australian A-League' started by MrSangster, May 16, 2009.

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    My college aged son is living in Oakleigh for 3 months and wants to play some soccer. Any suggestions on where he can find a team to kick around with?

    Also, where can he find a bar that will televise the Champions League final?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Mr. Sangster

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    I don't know of any bars but he should have no problem getting access to the game as its shown live on SBS (a free-to-air channel). SBS coverage will start at 4am AEST.
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    All depends on what level your son wants to play at. Clubs like the Oakleigh Cannons are not to likely to just let anyone train as they are a semipro club that play in the top league in Victoria.

    My advice would be to visit either of the following sites and have a good look through the club directories to see which one is closest to where your son will be staying, and also more importantly, which one has the level of play that your son is looking to play at.

    Football Federation Victoria - Best leagues in the state. From semipro VPL clubs to provisional/metropolitan clubs that still take things rather seriously but would be willing to look at most players that come there way.

    Vicsoccer - The leagues that follow on from the provisional/metropolitan leagues of the FFV. The majority of clubs will let anyone train.

    Bayside League - Amateur league that is not affiliated with the other two. The level of play in the top divsion is about as good as that of the top leagues of Vicsoccer, but this league is nothing serious and anyone can join/train.

    I've played in all three leagues and if you need anymore info in terms of league quality, registration or anything else like that, let me know and i'll see what i can do. Hope it helps.

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