The Borislow Cup

Discussion in 'Women's Fans and More' started by StarCityFan, Jan 22, 2011.

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    (For lack of a better name.)


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    This dude is either the genius who will revolutionize women's soccer or completely and totally batsh*t insane. Depending on the day, I'm not sure which. Good for him for having ideas and passion for the game. I just wish I didn't get the feeling he's going to burn out quickly when he realizes it isn't as easy as signing Marta and having 2 million fans show up.

    And the idea that an exhibition would somehow outdraw the Olympics and the WC? Assuming he could put up that money somehow, when would he schedule it? And how would national team players find time for that along with Olympics, WC, WPS duties? And would a player like Wambach play for magictalk FC or USWNT? It just seems insane.
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    I don't think those are mutually exclusive states of being. The idea of a tournament w/ prize money for an international club tournament is not a crazy or bad idea. Anyone else remember when there use to be a women's Nike Cup (and before that it had some other name/sponsor--I haven't finished my caffeine yet so I don't remember details) for 4 women's national teams? The devil is in the details, of course. That said, I think you've got to split the prize money pot at least a little and not a winner take all. But that's just me.

    But until he actually pulls off some of his brainstorms related to women's soccer, I'm leaning heavily toward batsh!t crazy w/ little pay off for us.
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    The more I read about this guy the more I like him. I winner take all tournament is a GREAT idea.
    Men's teams have this kind of stuff all the time. Brings in interest and good crowds.

    The tournament that the MLS teams have with Mexican league teams they call the SuperLiga is a winner take all tournament and it's been going on now for several years.
    The Fire had a winner take all tournament with them, Red Star Belgrade, Legia of Poland and Paris Saint-Germain at Toyota Park last summer which I thought went well.

    For those of you who bash this guy, you may end up eating crow in the end.

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    it should be end of the season. 4 team tourament and move them around some non-wps stadiums.

    wps champ - probably wny
    south american champ - santos fc (maudine, thais, cristaine, erika, etc. they got excellent talent)
    france or swedish or england champ - lyons or arsenal probably
    german champ - probably loaded and 2 deep at every position

    1M winner take all is a joke. 1M tournament. Top team takes maybe 500k. 2nd-100k, 3rd - 50k, 4th- 25k. still have to cover travel, hotel, venues for teams.

    can probably recoup some of the million in ticket and merchandise sales.

    play some games in possible wps cities. let the fans get a taste. toronto, vancouver, seattle, portland, colorado. santos fc for sure in FL and lyons in canada.

    top 2 in pts play for grand prize.

    it can be done.

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