Tom Daley To Team Up With Ashley Young For Olympic Gold

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    British teenage platform diving sensation Tom Daley looks set to team up with Manchester United midfielder Ashley Young to bid for gold at this summers olympic games, in the synchronised diving event.

    Young has gained widespread notice in recent weeks for his exceptional diving displays as Manchester United chase the league title, and Britains Olympics coaches are keen to see his talents utilised at London 2012.

    Team GB Diving Coach coach Steve Williams told reporters: 'Tom Daley is still quite young and inexperienced, and has a lot to learn. What better way to acquire skills than by working alongside a man who week in and week out demonstrates what throwing yourself through the air is really all about. Ashley Young has tremendous ability and his mid air pirouettes are of a quality that is seldom seen anywhere outside of Old Trafford.'

    'Ashley will have to adjust a little to get used to landing in water instead of the opposition's penalty area, but we're confident he'll have perfected that by July.'

    Ashley Young's manager, Sir Alex Ferguson was enthusiastic about the opportunity. He says that working with Tom to perfect his diving technique has his full backing, and believes any additional skills learned in this area can only benefit Manchester United even further in the long run.

    'I've seen the first couple of training sessions and he's looking great' beamed Ferguson. 'Sure they're going to need to get dispensation from the Olympic authorities to have a fully clothed defender, preferably wearing sky blue for added motivation, in the vicinity, but I'm sure it's just a formality.

    'It would also help Ashley if the judges could wear all black and carry a whistle as he tends to perform his best dives when somebody dressed like that is standing nearby.'


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