"Welcome to the World Cup USA '94 World-Wide Web Server"

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    Seventeen years ago the internet was way different that what it is today. For the general public, it was a commodity that was just starting, and that's for the relatively few people that knew about it. Computers were primitive compared to today. Having internet access at home was, perhaps, like having the latest smart phone with the highest data transfer speed today.

    The 1994 World Cup was the first one to have an official website. The site was hosted in multiple servers and it was pretty well put together for its time. I don't think I visited the site for the first time until years later, maybe around 1998. I get nostalgic when I go back to look at the little piece of technology and football history that it was.

    The site was kept live until a few years ago, but apparently it is no longer available online through its direct URL(s). However, thanks to the internet archive, here it is: http://web.archive.org/web/19990202082718/http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/wc94/

    Further reading on the topic: http://www.currybet.net/cbet_blog/2006/06/a-history-of-the-online-world-1.php



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    Nice find. I don't even remember a 1994 World Cup. But that was because I started on the Internet right around that summer and the only web sites that I frequented were off Scott Yanoff's list. I do remember the 98 World Cup site which was cosponsored by Yahoo (Internet God back then - well, maybe behind AOL). And thanks to the wayback machine - here it is!

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