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Discussion in 'Boston Breakers' started by REVS FAN 1, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Pitchside Report

    A compilation (with a few errors & updates needed) from the Pitchside Report.

    The Breakers key free agent still unsigned is of course Lauren Cheney...With our draft class, Paul Riley's comments and her boyfriend in Philly....I've all but given up hope that the Breakers will be re-signing LC (huge mistake IMO)

    Others I'd like to see the Breakers sign.....

    1. Brittany Taylor
    2. Allison Falk
    3. Carrie Dew
    4. Nikki Krzysik
    5. Tina DiMartino
    6. Casey Nogueira
    7. Amy Rodriguez...hehe! :p
    8. Hope Solo! :D

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    i've said it before tina and rampone with scott gives them a backline light years ahead of last yr, and that group wasn't that bad. is angeli back? they fell to pieces when she got hurt. i'd still like to see casey to go atlanta. those 3 up front would wreck wps defense. and i think her being the age range of press and sydney would help her on the motivation end. i guess people love cheney.i dont see much from the rest of those forwards.
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    i'd go along with you if there were any, any, any indication that she is not still a head case who would give a coach and her teammates fits.

    no team is going to trade for her or hurry to sign her away from her current team.

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